Today is such a glorious day, welcome to the month of May! Today kicks of National Mental Health Awareness Month which is an electrifying time because it nudges people to discuss and learn about mental health. These 31 days provide a platform for people who don’t normally share and encourages us regulars to grind harder. With that being said, your girl is providing you some mental health gems daily on social media. So if you haven’t joined the #ResilientFamily on social media, now is the time-Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Website- you name it- I’m on it!

Here will be the safe space to keep a repository of all the information I share across my various social media platforms daily.

May 1-11: Platforms

Upcoming mental health events for the month.
Cultural Therapy- an online platform that helps orient communities of color and clinicians alike in the area of culturally responsive mental health care.  Instagram Website

HealingMelanins- a place where black girl magic meets mental health.
Twitter Website

Yetti Says- a space that helps women step out of mental health stigma, while providing them the tools they need to fall madly and deeply in love with themselves.
Website  YouTube  Instagram

Depressed While Black- a platform where Imade Nibokun transparently discusses what it means to be Depressed While Black
Twitter  Website

Dior Vargas- a Latina Feminist Mental Health Activist who created People of Color and Mental Illness Photo Project in response to the invisibility of people of color in media representation of mental illness.
Twitter Website

My Happy Journeigh- a platform that shows us the mental health journey of Ashleigh, a millennial who is enjoying life by being healthy and happy.
Twitter  Website

Silence the Shame-an initiative started by music industry veteran Shanti Das with the hopes of peeling back the layers of shame and stigma as it relates to mental health so people can receive the support, treatment, and care they need.
Website  Instagram

Nia Noire- a sisterhood of women of color shifting the narrative about our mental health and wellness.
Instagram  Website

Mel á La Mode-a platform where Melanie Santos motivates her followers to reach deep within, connect with their higher selves, and manifest their best lives by living purposely and loving unconditionally.
Instagram  Website   Youtube