Don’t Die Afraid empowers you to realize that your circumstances don’t hinder your future;
they are stepping stones to success to reveal how resilient you truly are. 

Resilient Family

I uphold the mission by sharing my life experiences and obstacles I’ve overcome in hopes of it inspiring others. This platform isn't about me, it's about my readers, subscribers, and supporters whom are affectionately called my Resilient Family. If you are already living a resilient life, email me at DontDieAfraid@gmail.com with a short paragraph about your resilient journey because I would love to feature you on DDA! Join our community now.


Once I realized that my life wasn’t going down the path I planned after graduation, I became uncomfortable, nervous, and afraid. For the majority of my life, I was able to choose my classes, friends, and extra-curricular activities. School gave me a false sense of “control” over everything. Job hunting after graduation popped that bubble real quick when I realized, the company has control over if I get hired or not.

One day I decided to get out of my funk and start thinking positive! I realized my fear of failing was preventing me from giving the world my all so instead of waiting for someone else to give me my “big journalism break”, I created my own platform, Don’t Die Afraid. My motto was, “Don’t deprive the universe of your amazing contributions because you died afraid.”

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