It's an honor to connect with audiences and inspire them to realize how resilient they are. I thrive off of the excitement I get right before stepping onto the stage and that feeling is equally complemented by the energy I receive when I look into the crowd and see people nodding in agreement.

Past Signature Workshops:

  • Embracing Mental Health to Remain Resilient
  • Self-care Isn’t Selfish, It’s Necessary
  • How to Build a Community & Be Your Authentic Self on Social Media
  • Your Message as a Catalyst for Change
  • Confidence, the Foundation for a Healthy Relationship
  • Sexual Empowerment, It's Easier Than You Think

Don't worry, this list isn't exhaustive; the possibilities are endless. I am dedicated to providing an informative and memorable experience by customizing the presentation to address the needs and goals of the audience. If you have a different topic in mind, I would love to chat to see how we can work together. Visit the Say Hello tab or send an e-mail to: DontDieAfraid@gmail.com



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