We Are Fire and Light


You are a woman of fire and light. What keeps the flame burning?

I'm telling you straight up, that you have extreme potential to change the world. There is a flame burning inside of you that has the power to light this universe up. My fire is empowering individuals to use their circumstances as stepping stones to their success and insecurities will not extinguish it.

It is your chance to share your passion with the world, through the #wearefireandlight social media campaign. I'm calling you out! Yes you, the person reading this right now. The world needs to know how dynamic you are! Share on your favorite social media channel, the answers to these blanks:


What if you don't know what your fire and light is? No problem, we have you covered!

Make sure you sign up on the website to join the movement because, the creator, Ashley has developed some amazing prompts and inner work activities to help you define your fire and light.  There is also a giveaway worth thousands of dollars that you should enter! She explains the campaign as:

"We are making a declaration that we are women of fire and light. We are provoking that same question in women as they come across what we're doing; what is your fire and what will never stop you?

This is about changing lives, changing the world. This is about using our voices to create the most colorful and brightest ruckus the world has ever seen.

This is about believing that women are a ridiculous, incredible and transformational answer for the world. That when you and I step up together, that's powerful. That's world changing.

So I want to encourage you to give this your everything with us. Let's make a noise with our voices that we can be deeply proud of. Let's provoke the fire in one another. Let's push each other to our potential."


How did I get involved with this campaign?

Do you remember that time in August when I declared my monthly goals with you all publicly through my post about my blog content report? The goal regarding me becoming more active on social media, especially Twitter was definitely fulfilled within the past three months. I was browsing Twitter when I found Ashley who was looking for individuals to join her movement. (TANGENT: The last collaboration I did was for the #WritersWrite Challenge and the leader of that is also an "Ashley", so I'm convinced that Ashleys rule the world.)

This was the perfect collaboration because it is all I talk about here on Don't Die Afraid. I have never used the words "fire and light" to express it- but I explain it by using other terms that are synonymous. Just think about it, in order to "Don't Die Afraid", you have to share your fire and light fearlessly. You also have to be grateful for those talents, it ultimately answers the question, "What were you created for?"

I hope Ashley realizes the amazing impact she is having on the universe. I love all the positive energy and relationship building that this campaign is building. Go search the hashtag on Twitter and you will see women genuinely supporting each other. I am so blessed to be surrounded by all these fireworks! After just the first day, we had over 1 million impressions on Twitter in just 24 hours.

Comment below or connect with me on social media to tell me how you would fill in the blanks. "My fire is ______ and  _____ will not extinguish it." Join in the fun at our Twitter Part October 21st at 9PM EST