Value from Blogalicious #BYOE15


Is two days long enough to change a person's life? It sure was for me! My two days at Blogalicious #BYOE15 snapped me out of some of the fears that were holding me back from expanding Don't Die Afraid. The first fear was clearly defining my niche and the people I want to serve. In almost every session I attended, there was a resounding theme about, "The riches are in the niches," a phrase owned by Jewel Figueras of Jewel's Fab Life. Jewel Help Desk

My Niche

This blogging world is no day at the spa, if you want to succeed you have to put your all into it. Not only do I want to impact the lives of others so that they can live fearlessly, I also want to make money while doing it. Let's be honest, making money is one of my goals- Don't Die Afraid is not just a pure hobby of mine. Bill Gates paid over $100,000 for me to get my degree in Broadcast Journalism and you better believe I'm going to use that degree and earn that money back. I need that cute coin as Mattieologie would say.

Mattie & Maya

Prior to Blogalicious, I believed that inspirational bloggers couldn't make money unless they wrote a book. (I'm not in a stage of my life where I can write a book so that was crossed off the list.) Therefore, I didn't want to "limit" my opportunities by owning the title of "Inspirational Blogger" so I declared "lifestyle" as my niche. After consulting with some dynamic women at #BYOE15 , I realized that I need to own my power as an inspirational blogger. As a result, I created the following value proposition with the guidance of Maya Elious.

I am Ashley D. Freeman of, an inspirational blog. I empower individuals from various backgrounds to realize that their circumstances don't hinder their future. I do this through sharing my life experiences and the obstacles I've overcome. I want every person to understand that every hurdle is a stepping stone to your success to show how fearless and resilient you truly are.

With my new value proposition and more clear understanding of where I want Don't Die Afraid to go, I can better serve my audience (which is you).

What revelations you have had lately? I would love to hear about them, tell me in the comment section below.