Blog Content Report

A couple of hours ago on Instagram, I saw a photo from Mikelah of Style & Vibes about her "Blog Content Report" so I told her how great of an idea I think it is. After reading her post I was inspired to do something similar here for DDA. I won't recap last month because we already know I took a very much needed break from blogging. I celebrate my accomplishments and set goals for my blog internally but I rarely share them with you all so here it is for the month of August! Inside Notebook




August Goals

1. More interaction on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 2. Add at least two more videos on the Don't Die Afraid YouTube channel, if you aren't subscribed yet, no problem, just click HERE. 3. Blog daily. 4. Create a watermark for my photos 5. Update the layout 6. Take inventory of my categories and tags

August Success, only 4 days in

1. Received the amazing opportunity to cover a major event in NYC as Press! More details shortly! 2. Added and formatted the "Related Content" section at the bottom which I fashionably renamed to "More Amazing Content You Want to Read" 3. Responded directly to every new follower on Twitter to personally thank them 4. Installed a new statistics widget, SlimStat and I am loving it! 5. Created a "Stay In Contact" page for feedback from my Fearless Family 6. Developed a cute style for my images and text

Looking at my past I can say I am on a roll for August and it feels goooooooooood! What are some of your goals and accomplishments so far for this month? Thanks again Mikelah for inspiring this post.


Why is failure regarded as a downfall? In my previous post, I introduced you all to Hindsight, my favorite show which focuses on Becca, the main character who was scrutinized for "failing" in her marriage and career. Unlike the rest of us, she passes out on an elevator and is able to wake up in 1995 with the power to change her life. We all know time travelling is currently impossible so how can we learn to appreciate the "mishaps" in life? It's simple! Consider them, an alternative path....another way of learning. If we never "fail" we won't know the sweetness of success. Failure  

What is the last thing you have failed at? How did you turn that situation into a positive?

Do You Have Any Regrets?

I don't usually watch TV shows because I am a grad student with limited time.

  • Writing 20 page single spaced papers (torture I know)
  • Reading long chapters on theory, health systems, and environmental health
  • Developing lesson plans because I am a TA
  • Serving overtime at my job because I love it so much
  • Establishing my company (Don't Die Afraid!!!)
  • Producing regular blog posts
  • Dining at savory restaurants so I can review them on Food Before Love
  • Traveling to New York to spend time with my Amazing Nana

In addition to the normal tasks of meal prepping, remaining updated on current events, exercising to strengthen my knees, adventures with Mr. Fearless, sorority events, folding clothes straight from the dryer (the most time consuming part of laundry), and satisfying my YouTube addiction.

Instead of spending my time watching shows, I binge watch them when I have a break from school. This also helps break the suspense all the rest of you have to live with week to week. However, two shows I have carved out time to watch and work the rest of my schedule around are Hindsight and Chasing Life.

Both shows revolve around decision making.

Hindsight Playlist

April's Fight

In Chasing Life the main character, April is a hardworking journalist at a Boston newspaper. She enjoys dating her hot co-worker Dominic, arguing with her little sister Brenna, and going to brunch with her best friend Beth. Most of the time she is indulged in work, busting her ass to be assigned major stories so she can get bylines. Once April's job and love life seem to be coming together, she is diagnosed with Leukemia. From that moment on, her goal is to live without any regrets.

StupidCancer Event

Pay Phone

Becca, the main character in Hindsight unfortunately doesn't have the same mentality as April. Becca has made choices that were the best for everyone except herself. She fortunately is able to travel to 1995 and start over. As she is reliving some of the landmark moments in her life including her wedding day and career choice- she questions every step deeply now to think what will make her the happiest. What if she can choose a different option and end up on a path that is less safe but more thrilling?

Binge Watch

Emily Fox, the creator and executive producer is brilliant! Even though I am only 23 years old I can still say I've made choices in which I didn't place my needs/feelings first. I cared too much about others and it resulted in my discontentment. I can honestly say I wouldn't go back and change any of my decisions because they have made me the fearless person I am today. Both Becca and April are living my motto, "Don't Die Afraid" and that is why I am so attached to them.

Are you going to be like April and take control of your future? Or will you be like Becca and feel remorse 10 years from now?

What shows are you loyal to watching this season? Can you imagine having a second chance like Becca? Would you change something small, major, or leave your life the way it is? Do you ever make decisions based on the emotions of others? To prevent misery 15 years from now, how can you live a life without regrets?

New Day

New Semester

New year, new semester, new start. Essentials

Spring 2015 began on Monday for some college students (next Tuesday for lucky me).  I am an absolute nerd and LOVE the first day of classes. It is refreshing to have a clean slate and the opportunity to receive an abundance of knowledge. My preparation for the new semester goes a little something like this:

  1. Review the syllabus before class if it is available on Blackboard. I make sure the textbook will actually be used before purchasing it (those expensive things). Gauge how much time I will need to dedicate to the course based on the listed expectations.
  2. Get a lot of rest the night before. I take three hour evening classes after I get off work so I need to make sure I have enough energy to last until 8pm.
  3. Wear brand new or lucky undergarments and a professional (and cute) outfit of course!
  4. During the first day of class in the margins of the syllabus or my notebook, I take little notes about the professor. First impressions are everything to me, so I write down characteristics like: seems like a tough grader, makes corny jokes, has an interesting background, awww has two children, good dresser.

Syllabus Books

My first class of my grad school career, my professor shook each student's hand and introduced himself. That left a lasting impression. Those types of genuine interactions with professors display how much they care about their profession and students.

Congrats to all those entering their last semester (especially my logo designer Kenish) ! Graduation is right around the corner, stay strong! Also congrats to those entering their first semester of a program (Mr. Fearless). Adjusting to being back in school can be a challenge but remember it is a new step in life that will allow you to be supreme!

What were your thoughts going back to school? Did you have any rituals? Am I the only one obsessed with buying under garments? haha! - Just checking to see who reads these =)

#BeSureSundays- Don't Be Jealous

Earlier this week I briefly mentioned jealousy is a disease. It sounds weird but let me break it down for you. According to Merriam-Webster a disease is:

  • a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms
  • a harmful development
  • a problem that a person, group, organization, or society has and cannot stop

Jealousy prevents us from being our authentic selves because we are concentrated on the possessions of those around us. It is detrimental to our growth and cannot be stopped. Diseases can be stopped since there are cures and medications for them, but jealousy is a special type that I believe cannot be fully eradicated. Even on an individual level, regardless of how "sure" you are with yourself, there is always an ounce of jealousy hiding somewhere. You can stay in denial if you want but if you can't be genuinely happy for someone's success then that is a sign of the green-eyed monster. The craziest part is you might not even want what they have!

This Fearless Family will do our best to put that heart of envy to the side. If we stay on our grind and focused on our paths to success, we won't have time to be jealous. Always remember, the grass is greener on the side you water.



Do you think it is possible to live a jealous free life? Why do we become victims of jealousy? How can we stop being jealous?

#BeSureSundays- Snooze Button

So today Mr. Fearless and I went to church and the sermon was about Advent being the start of the Christmas season. This period was compared to a wake up call because it is the time to prepare for the coming of Christ-- salvation, hope, and the gift that comes from improving ourselves. The difference between an alarm clock and a spiritual wake up call, is that we can easily hit the snooze button on an alarm clock but a wake up call is inevitable. Most of the time we can envision our dreams, but we fear taking the next step to actually making them real. Fear of failure, not making enough money, not having enough followers, and not wanting to venture into the land of unknown possibilities...

Snooze Button

So this week's #BeSureSundays message is to stop pressing that snooze button of fear. 2015 is coming and we need to be ready and sure of ourselves. Get up and do the damn thang! Achieve that greatness, Don't Die Afraid!


#BeSureSundays-Others' Success

It's Sunday! Hopefully this has become one of your new favorite days because of #BeSureSundays ! I was home for Thanksgiving so I decided to rummage through my collection of recorded shows I saved before moving. I cuddled under the covers and watched Oprah Prime- Kevin Hart. I love learning about individual's journeys. I NEVER know the latest news in pop culture or any facts about celebrities. So I will invest time into learning about certain stars I admire. After hearing about a person's humble beginnings, I always gain a new found respect for them.

Of course I've seen Kevin Hart in action from his humor on social media, stand-up shows, and movies. Talk about a man on his grind! One time I went to see a movie starring Kevin Hart and he was also in three of the movies that I saw in the previews! How is that even possible? Then in his interview with Oprah he told her that he frequently schedules about three days to return to his family. Balance is key! He's making all these moves and still keeps his children a main priority. I commend him!

During the interview I learned about his mother's cancer, father's drug addiction, shoes salesmanship, introduction to comedy, how important reading The Bible is, and how he keeps his children grounded. There are so many quotes I could have pulled between his and Oprah's advice but one automatically resonated with me: "My drive is other people's success."

People's Success

Kevin said this when Oprah asked him what sets him apart from other comedians who have talent but failed at becoming as large as he is. Frequently we hear people say: don't focus on other people, worry about yourself, stop comparing yourselves to others, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.....and the list goes onnnnn and onnnnn and onnnnnn.

I believe these sayings and feel they each have their own value to prevent us from being jealous of others' talents. However, Kevin Hart's mindset places a twist on it. He thinks we should study people who are greater than us in order to learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. Place all your self doubt to the side and start building your empire! There is an abundance of knowledge to be learned from dissecting others' success and if we want to be great we better get on it!