#BeSureSundays- Your Words Matter


I'm sitting on the floor of Mr. Fearless' dining room exhausted from my blogger adventure filled weekend instead of writing a paper due in the day after tomorrow. Are my priorities backwards? Probably, but there is only one week left in the semester and I have neglected my business because of my dedication to my studies, so I believe it is time to show Don't Die Afraid some desperately needed love. This weekend I attended Blogger Week hosted by Black Bloggers Connect and the first Brown Girl Bloggers meetup hosted by Candice VanWye. There will be a full recap of the event up this week on DDA but the most important gem was, "Your words matter." Words Matter

Although this advice was shared with bloggers, it is applicable to all of our lives regardless of occupation. We all have words to share- some choose to share them through blogging, YouTube, personal interaction, or social media. No matter what your platform is, we all have something to say. Sometimes I catch myself thinking negatively about my blog- asking myself, "Are people reading this? Am I helping anyone or is this a waste of my time?" Hearing this quote at the conference reminded me that I am a storyteller and when I put all my energy into something, I am damn good at it.

Stop second guessing yourself and recognize how important your words are. You will never know the impact of them until you share them. Master how to deliver those words and you will be golden!

If you are new to the Fearless Family, read what inspired #BeSureSundays. Do you ever feel like your words don't matter or they are falling upon deaf ears (or blind eyes depending on your platform)? What are some inspirational quotes you heard this week that are going to keep you motivated for the week?

Do You Have Any Regrets?

I don't usually watch TV shows because I am a grad student with limited time.

  • Writing 20 page single spaced papers (torture I know)
  • Reading long chapters on theory, health systems, and environmental health
  • Developing lesson plans because I am a TA
  • Serving overtime at my job because I love it so much
  • Establishing my company (Don't Die Afraid!!!)
  • Producing regular blog posts
  • Dining at savory restaurants so I can review them on Food Before Love
  • Traveling to New York to spend time with my Amazing Nana

In addition to the normal tasks of meal prepping, remaining updated on current events, exercising to strengthen my knees, adventures with Mr. Fearless, sorority events, folding clothes straight from the dryer (the most time consuming part of laundry), and satisfying my YouTube addiction.

Instead of spending my time watching shows, I binge watch them when I have a break from school. This also helps break the suspense all the rest of you have to live with week to week. However, two shows I have carved out time to watch and work the rest of my schedule around are Hindsight and Chasing Life.

Both shows revolve around decision making.

Hindsight Playlist

April's Fight

In Chasing Life the main character, April is a hardworking journalist at a Boston newspaper. She enjoys dating her hot co-worker Dominic, arguing with her little sister Brenna, and going to brunch with her best friend Beth. Most of the time she is indulged in work, busting her ass to be assigned major stories so she can get bylines. Once April's job and love life seem to be coming together, she is diagnosed with Leukemia. From that moment on, her goal is to live without any regrets.

StupidCancer Event

Pay Phone

Becca, the main character in Hindsight unfortunately doesn't have the same mentality as April. Becca has made choices that were the best for everyone except herself. She fortunately is able to travel to 1995 and start over. As she is reliving some of the landmark moments in her life including her wedding day and career choice- she questions every step deeply now to think what will make her the happiest. What if she can choose a different option and end up on a path that is less safe but more thrilling?

Binge Watch

Emily Fox, the creator and executive producer is brilliant! Even though I am only 23 years old I can still say I've made choices in which I didn't place my needs/feelings first. I cared too much about others and it resulted in my discontentment. I can honestly say I wouldn't go back and change any of my decisions because they have made me the fearless person I am today. Both Becca and April are living my motto, "Don't Die Afraid" and that is why I am so attached to them.

Are you going to be like April and take control of your future? Or will you be like Becca and feel remorse 10 years from now?

What shows are you loyal to watching this season? Can you imagine having a second chance like Becca? Would you change something small, major, or leave your life the way it is? Do you ever make decisions based on the emotions of others? To prevent misery 15 years from now, how can you live a life without regrets?

New Day