New Semester

New year, new semester, new start. Essentials

Spring 2015 began on Monday for some college students (next Tuesday for lucky me).  I am an absolute nerd and LOVE the first day of classes. It is refreshing to have a clean slate and the opportunity to receive an abundance of knowledge. My preparation for the new semester goes a little something like this:

  1. Review the syllabus before class if it is available on Blackboard. I make sure the textbook will actually be used before purchasing it (those expensive things). Gauge how much time I will need to dedicate to the course based on the listed expectations.
  2. Get a lot of rest the night before. I take three hour evening classes after I get off work so I need to make sure I have enough energy to last until 8pm.
  3. Wear brand new or lucky undergarments and a professional (and cute) outfit of course!
  4. During the first day of class in the margins of the syllabus or my notebook, I take little notes about the professor. First impressions are everything to me, so I write down characteristics like: seems like a tough grader, makes corny jokes, has an interesting background, awww has two children, good dresser.

Syllabus Books

My first class of my grad school career, my professor shook each student's hand and introduced himself. That left a lasting impression. Those types of genuine interactions with professors display how much they care about their profession and students.

Congrats to all those entering their last semester (especially my logo designer Kenish) ! Graduation is right around the corner, stay strong! Also congrats to those entering their first semester of a program (Mr. Fearless). Adjusting to being back in school can be a challenge but remember it is a new step in life that will allow you to be supreme!

What were your thoughts going back to school? Did you have any rituals? Am I the only one obsessed with buying under garments? haha! - Just checking to see who reads these =)