John Legend's "You & I" Video

John Legend's "You & I (Nobody In The World)" video made me love the song even more. When I initially heard the album, I imagined him or my husband singing it to me at my wedding. I expected the video to revolve around an intimate moment with his sexy wife Chrissy Teigen like all the rest of his videos duhhh. But nope, instead he surprised me by including a diverse group of women to show that all those flaws we think we have are actually beautiful. Where do women get cast for these things? John Legend if you are reading this, I would love to be in your next video! John Legend's You & I Video

Women can get so consumed with outer appearances, it usually fogs our mirror when we see our reflection. I have plenty insecurities and sometimes I find myself so focused on those instead of the features I love about myself. Now of course this is attributed to society's model of perfection and just always striving to be "better" (I say that in parentheses because enhancements or changes aren't always better, they come with their cons as well.)

John Legend's You & I Video

This video symbolizes the experience of a woman at all stages of life. As a little girl brushing her teeth in the mirror, as a graduate tackling the real world, as a woman in the workplace dominated by men, as a pregnant mother, as a cancer survivor, and simple moments such as checking ourselves out in a car mirror while on a jog.

John Legend's You & I Video

All women can relate to this video and I applaud John Legend for including our experiences as a whole. It displays many facets of a woman's life and shows that "you don't even have to try," which is such a relief.