#BeSureSundays: Winds of Change

If you like dealing with change, raise your hand!*keeps hands in lap* Change has always been intimidating to me. Consistency is comfortable; I know what to expect, I can prepare for obstacles ahead of time, and I am mentally content. Change doesn't allow for any of the previously mentioned perks. However, change is inevitable so it doesn't matter if we like it or not...it's going to happen so we just have to accept it.

Within the past two years, I have experienced major changes in relationships, career paths, housing, finances, health status, and family dynamics. In the past, I've frequently viewed change as negative. I found this wall decal almost two years ago that supplied me with comfort and encouraged me to embrace change.

Winds of Change Decal

Two years later, after trying to apply this quote to my life- I can finally say, I truly believe it. When I quit my FULL TIME (paid vacation, benefits, free lunch, beer & pizza on Fridays, health insurance) job to pursue my masters, I was nervous TERRIFIED. However, this past year has been one of the best years of my life, I have found my true direction.

The next time a change is thrown at you, I encourage you to fearlessly go with the wind so you can uncover your unexpected treasures.

How do you handle change? What is the most recent change in life that you had to deal with?

Winds of Change

#BeSureSundays- Keep Pushing

This was the hardest week of the year for me. I don't like saying "hardest of my life" because that isn't true; as humans we sometimes exaggerate so I try to avoid that. The year just started so by saying "hardest of the year", it encourages me to be grateful for the three weeks prior and acknowledge that harder things can happen within the next 11 months. To sum the week up I kept receiving bad news about the health of my family members and I also could barely walk. Not being able to walk is one of the worst impediments I've ever experienced. If y'all know me, you know I try to stay positive through everything so I continued to work and attend class. Every 10-20 minutes I would have to take a little stretch because my knees would lock up. I wore a knee brace and then switched to an ace bandage because it was more comfortable. The doctor offered me crutches but the little fighter in me rejected those stating that I will be okay. I rubbed my knees in Aspercreme, wore supportive sneakers, and prayed for healing daily.

Thankfully, today I'm feeling a tad bit better. Thanks to the American Health System I probably won't be able to find out what is wrong with me for a couple of weeks. I'm speaking into existence that it won't be anything major that needs surgery. My motto during the week was "Just Keep Pushing"--if you are dealing with excruciating pain that you feel you can't handle, repeat that line to yourself and hopefully it helps.

Keep Pushing