#BeSureSundays- Don't Be Jealous

Earlier this week I briefly mentioned jealousy is a disease. It sounds weird but let me break it down for you. According to Merriam-Webster a disease is:

  • a condition that prevents the body or mind from working normally and is typically manifested by distinguishing signs and symptoms
  • a harmful development
  • a problem that a person, group, organization, or society has and cannot stop

Jealousy prevents us from being our authentic selves because we are concentrated on the possessions of those around us. It is detrimental to our growth and cannot be stopped. Diseases can be stopped since there are cures and medications for them, but jealousy is a special type that I believe cannot be fully eradicated. Even on an individual level, regardless of how "sure" you are with yourself, there is always an ounce of jealousy hiding somewhere. You can stay in denial if you want but if you can't be genuinely happy for someone's success then that is a sign of the green-eyed monster. The craziest part is you might not even want what they have!

This Fearless Family will do our best to put that heart of envy to the side. If we stay on our grind and focused on our paths to success, we won't have time to be jealous. Always remember, the grass is greener on the side you water.



Do you think it is possible to live a jealous free life? Why do we become victims of jealousy? How can we stop being jealous?

Global Health Fellows Program II Internship

When you know of an opportunity, you should share it with others! Want to know a little secret? I haven't always thought this way...I used to suffer from a disease called jealousy. Yes, you read correctly, I called it a disease. I will go into an explanation of that during my next #BeSureSundays. Just wait for it! Jealousy prevented me from sharing with others because in the past I thought I wasn't good enough. I was fearful that if I told others about an opportunity, it would decrease my chances. According to probability it will because the selection pool is now larger (duhhh), but if I am really confident in myself that shouldn't bother me. Thanks to my fearless journey so I Don't Die Afraid, I have gained faith in my abilities.

Now don't get me wrong! If you are applying for your dream job, don't share the link to the opening with your 800+ Facebook friends. However, if there are multiple positions open and you know someone who is unemployed and really wants to get back on his or her feet, then of course spread the wealth!


If you know anyone passionate about public health like myself, please share this internship with USAID for the Global Health Fellows Program II. The deadline is Thursday January 8, 5pm EST, so get those applications in! I applied because obviously it will look outstanding on my resume to work with a well respected organization such as USAID, but it also seems like a positive environment that will foster my personal & professional growth. Listening to previous interns reminisce on their experiences made me believe this internship is really how I should spend my summer. The application process is no skip through a flower bed, wish me luck!

Are you a student? If so, how will you spend your Summer 2015? If you aren't a student, do you plan on traveling? If so where to? Let me know in the comments below!

#BeSureSundays-Others' Success

It's Sunday! Hopefully this has become one of your new favorite days because of #BeSureSundays ! I was home for Thanksgiving so I decided to rummage through my collection of recorded shows I saved before moving. I cuddled under the covers and watched Oprah Prime- Kevin Hart. I love learning about individual's journeys. I NEVER know the latest news in pop culture or any facts about celebrities. So I will invest time into learning about certain stars I admire. After hearing about a person's humble beginnings, I always gain a new found respect for them.

Of course I've seen Kevin Hart in action from his humor on social media, stand-up shows, and movies. Talk about a man on his grind! One time I went to see a movie starring Kevin Hart and he was also in three of the movies that I saw in the previews! How is that even possible? Then in his interview with Oprah he told her that he frequently schedules about three days to return to his family. Balance is key! He's making all these moves and still keeps his children a main priority. I commend him!

During the interview I learned about his mother's cancer, father's drug addiction, shoes salesmanship, introduction to comedy, how important reading The Bible is, and how he keeps his children grounded. There are so many quotes I could have pulled between his and Oprah's advice but one automatically resonated with me: "My drive is other people's success."

People's Success

Kevin said this when Oprah asked him what sets him apart from other comedians who have talent but failed at becoming as large as he is. Frequently we hear people say: don't focus on other people, worry about yourself, stop comparing yourselves to others, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.....and the list goes onnnnn and onnnnn and onnnnnn.

I believe these sayings and feel they each have their own value to prevent us from being jealous of others' talents. However, Kevin Hart's mindset places a twist on it. He thinks we should study people who are greater than us in order to learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. Place all your self doubt to the side and start building your empire! There is an abundance of knowledge to be learned from dissecting others' success and if we want to be great we better get on it!