#BeSureSundays- Blessings from Above


We all know the reason I started Don't Die Afraid was to teach myself how to be comfortable with not having the ability to control every aspect of my life, especially my career. Now a year has passed and I've been pretty successful at that. I landed my current job by walking into an office to inquire more information about their services because I was genuinely curious. Elaine, the woman I met saw my potential and that I would be a great fit for her team. At first there were no positions available  but she advocated for me anyway, in hopes that her office would be able to use me even if it was just for volunteer work. About two weeks later, a position magically opened and the director offered it to little ol' me! It was literally like the position fell into my lap because I got it based off my curiosity for life.

When I started graduate school I was passively looking for jobs because I didn't know if I could handle working and going to school. I went in with the mindset that I would be fine even if I didn't find job because I had a nice stash of money saved.

head down

When I say I love my job, that is an understatement! My job is the helping office on campus because we work hard to make sure students are supported in all aspects of wellness during their college experience. We address the most hard hitting issues: substance abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual health, and nutrition.

The past year working for that office has been an amazing experience and has catapulted me into many other leadership opportunities. I'm so grateful for every minute I spent there. However, since the year is over and budget cuts are the devil, my time with them is over. Bummer, I know! It is unsettling not having a job solidified for September, but I was in this position last year and everything worked out. Everything will be alright....right? When I found out, I cried and briefly thought my world was ending. Then, I remembered three things: my motto (Don't Die Afraid), accept change, and keep my head up. So if you are going through something that has your head down, don't keep it there for too long because you might miss the blessings coming from above. I can't see what my future holds for September but I'm going to go forth fearlessly (the only way).

Have you had any unforeseen recent changes in your career? Can you hook a sister up with a job or pain internship in public health for the summer? (Shoot, I had to ask haha)

Global Health Fellows Program II Internship

When you know of an opportunity, you should share it with others! Want to know a little secret? I haven't always thought this way...I used to suffer from a disease called jealousy. Yes, you read correctly, I called it a disease. I will go into an explanation of that during my next #BeSureSundays. Just wait for it! Jealousy prevented me from sharing with others because in the past I thought I wasn't good enough. I was fearful that if I told others about an opportunity, it would decrease my chances. According to probability it will because the selection pool is now larger (duhhh), but if I am really confident in myself that shouldn't bother me. Thanks to my fearless journey so I Don't Die Afraid, I have gained faith in my abilities.

Now don't get me wrong! If you are applying for your dream job, don't share the link to the opening with your 800+ Facebook friends. However, if there are multiple positions open and you know someone who is unemployed and really wants to get back on his or her feet, then of course spread the wealth!


If you know anyone passionate about public health like myself, please share this internship with USAID for the Global Health Fellows Program II. The deadline is Thursday January 8, 5pm EST, so get those applications in! I applied because obviously it will look outstanding on my resume to work with a well respected organization such as USAID, but it also seems like a positive environment that will foster my personal & professional growth. Listening to previous interns reminisce on their experiences made me believe this internship is really how I should spend my summer. The application process is no skip through a flower bed, wish me luck!

Are you a student? If so, how will you spend your Summer 2015? If you aren't a student, do you plan on traveling? If so where to? Let me know in the comments below!