#BeSureSundays - Fall in Love

Christmas has passed and it is time to ring in the new year! As stated in my last post, this season is for rebirth. Many people take this literally and promote strongly a, "New Year, New Me" attitude. However, my motto for the year is "Fall in Love With Yourself." Instead of trying to create a whole new "(Insert Your Name Here)", how about just loving yourself? Yes, none of us are where we want to be in life but SO WHAT? That is the point of living, we constantly evolve! Fall in Love

For the new year join me in loving and celebrating ourselves! Let me define what loving yourself consists of-- expressing more gratitude, having faith in your abilities, rewarding yourself after a victory even if it is small, finding at least one positive in every "negative" situation, laughing more, eating healthy,  exercising, and most importantly being FREE!

The last call to action, "being FREE" was inspired by a YouTuber, Charmaine (@MissCharmsie). I agree with her 100% that all my life I've dealt with freedom to be myself unapologetically. Fear is ultimately the reason preventing most of us from being free, that is why I started this blog and my journey to not dying afraid. So when I heard about her campaign #FreeYourMind2015 , I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I hope you, my fearless family decides to join me in this journey!

Do you have a theme for this year? How are you celebrating the new year? What are some other ways to love yourself?


#BeSureSundays- Snooze Button

So today Mr. Fearless and I went to church and the sermon was about Advent being the start of the Christmas season. This period was compared to a wake up call because it is the time to prepare for the coming of Christ-- salvation, hope, and the gift that comes from improving ourselves. The difference between an alarm clock and a spiritual wake up call, is that we can easily hit the snooze button on an alarm clock but a wake up call is inevitable. Most of the time we can envision our dreams, but we fear taking the next step to actually making them real. Fear of failure, not making enough money, not having enough followers, and not wanting to venture into the land of unknown possibilities...

Snooze Button

So this week's #BeSureSundays message is to stop pressing that snooze button of fear. 2015 is coming and we need to be ready and sure of ourselves. Get up and do the damn thang! Achieve that greatness, Don't Die Afraid!


#BeSureSundays-Others' Success

It's Sunday! Hopefully this has become one of your new favorite days because of #BeSureSundays ! I was home for Thanksgiving so I decided to rummage through my collection of recorded shows I saved before moving. I cuddled under the covers and watched Oprah Prime- Kevin Hart. I love learning about individual's journeys. I NEVER know the latest news in pop culture or any facts about celebrities. So I will invest time into learning about certain stars I admire. After hearing about a person's humble beginnings, I always gain a new found respect for them.

Of course I've seen Kevin Hart in action from his humor on social media, stand-up shows, and movies. Talk about a man on his grind! One time I went to see a movie starring Kevin Hart and he was also in three of the movies that I saw in the previews! How is that even possible? Then in his interview with Oprah he told her that he frequently schedules about three days to return to his family. Balance is key! He's making all these moves and still keeps his children a main priority. I commend him!

During the interview I learned about his mother's cancer, father's drug addiction, shoes salesmanship, introduction to comedy, how important reading The Bible is, and how he keeps his children grounded. There are so many quotes I could have pulled between his and Oprah's advice but one automatically resonated with me: "My drive is other people's success."

People's Success

Kevin said this when Oprah asked him what sets him apart from other comedians who have talent but failed at becoming as large as he is. Frequently we hear people say: don't focus on other people, worry about yourself, stop comparing yourselves to others, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle.....and the list goes onnnnn and onnnnn and onnnnnn.

I believe these sayings and feel they each have their own value to prevent us from being jealous of others' talents. However, Kevin Hart's mindset places a twist on it. He thinks we should study people who are greater than us in order to learn from their mistakes and accomplishments. Place all your self doubt to the side and start building your empire! There is an abundance of knowledge to be learned from dissecting others' success and if we want to be great we better get on it!

#BeSureSundays- Gratitude

As you have read in my previous post, gratitude is HUGE to me! Since Thanksgiving is coming up, I thought it would be perfect to touch on the subject again for our #BeSureSundays. Sunday nights are the perfect time to reflect on what you are thankful for to get you on a positive path for the week ahead. I am grateful tonight for my two friends Dani and Alaysia who were my first posts for my social media campaign #BeSureSundays. Blogging is rough when you feel like nobody is reading. But when you make a hashtag and actually see posts in it besides your own, it is the best feeling ever!

Secondly, I am thankful for Mr. Fearless who has helped me come up with quotes for #BeSureSundays, choose photos, and the design! He truly is my biggest supporter <3


#BeSureSundays- Be Bold

With winter weather basically here, we tend to only see the naked branches and overcast. I chose this photo that I took over the summer of this bed of flowers, to remind us of all the beauty we can find in nature. Be Bold

For this installment of #BeSureSundays, our message for the week is to BE BOLD! This time of the year is stressful for students like myself finishing up final projects and in general for individuals trying to finish the year strong.

Don't let this cold weather suck the life out of us, wear some bold colors, speak up when you feel the urge, and do something daring! Use the hashtag #BeSureSundays to post pictures or tweets about what you are doing today to be sure of yourself, and prepare to conquer the week ahead!

Introducing #BeSureSundays

Sundays nights can be rough! It is the most hated day of the weekend. You can't sleep in late because of errands/church and you can't stay up all night because of work/school. So yeah Sundays are mood killers and a reality slap telling you that soon you'll be waking up to Monday Morning Blues (unless it is a long weekend which we love). But what if we changed our attitudes towards Sunday nights and Monday mornings? On Sundays relax & unwind- catch up on your favorite shows, read a book, drink some wine, take a bath surrounded by candles, read Don't Die Afraid, watch football, cook a hearty meal, go horse back riding, exercise....really do anything that brings you happiness. If your Sunday is spent focusing on joy then you will be ready to conquer all the shenanigans you might face that week.

A lot of this anxiety about the weekend being over comes from us not being sure of ourselves. We aren't sure we can deal with the bullcrap we might endure for the week. BUT WE CAN! WE CAN DO IT ALL because we aren't dying afraid, we are a fearless family!


So with that mindset, I came up with the idea of #BeSureSundays. On Sundays, let's focus on seizing the last ounce of the weekend by doing things that makes us smile. Use the hashtag #BeSureSundays to post pictures or tweets about what you are doing that Sunday to be fulfilled, sure of yourself, and ready to conquer the week ahead! I'll also post an inspirational quote, that will be used to get us through the week.

As for Monday mornings, let's remember to be grateful for another day of life.

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week?

What is your favorite day of the week?

Don't Die Afraid

die-afraid I love inspirational quotes and I would like to share some with you so you can be inspired too! This is a photo I took a year ago on a road trip to Mississippi. (Don't ask me why I thought an 18 hour drive would be the best way to spend my Spring Break...I'm crazy I know.) Of course the first quote I want to share is one I wrote myself. I wrote this over the summer when I conceived the idea for this blog. To me it means, don't let your fears limit you. Do something that you've been curious about, start a YouTube channel, go zip-lining...do whatever it is that you might regret not doing 60 years from now. For me it was applying to jobs outside of my "dream field." After two months of not working post graduation and thinking that was the end of the world, I realized I am interested in a lot and could apply to a job anywhere! I could have been a food stylist, tour guide, food buyer, food critic, chef...anything that has to do with food clearly. Once I realized that my possibilities were endless, I found a job in technology.

If you aren't familiar with this location, it is the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. April 4, 2014 will make it 46 years ago. I chose this background photo for this quote because Dr. King is the perfect example of a person who didn't die afraid.

You can find more of my favorite quotes in my weekly edition of #BeSureSundays

What is one of your  biggest fears? How are you actively working to get over that fear?