#BeSureSundays- Purpose

I saw this quote during the week and knew it had to be posted for #BeSureSundays. Some people get so caught up with the word purpose, it makes them uncomfortable. I've heard individuals complain about not being passionate about anything therefore they lack a purpose. That statement is so far from the truth A HUGE LIE! We all have a purpose. At different stages in life, our purposes might change based on the clarity we are experiencing. Just because we don't have this elaborate purpose to cure type 1 diabetes, doesn't mean we aren't useful to this world. Never diminish your aspirations because you feel like they don't compare to the next person's. Everyday I set out with a purpose to accomplish three goals on my to do list, make someone laugh, compliment a stranger...whatever it may be. My daily purpose usually revolves around how can I help someone? So on those days when you wake up and you are unsure of what the bigger purpose in life is, just remember a small daily purpose goes a long way.

Wake Up With a Purpose

What are some of your daily purposes in life? If you have your breath-taking major purpose in life, what is it? Share! I want to know! *smile*