Blog Content Report

A couple of hours ago on Instagram, I saw a photo from Mikelah of Style & Vibes about her "Blog Content Report" so I told her how great of an idea I think it is. After reading her post I was inspired to do something similar here for DDA. I won't recap last month because we already know I took a very much needed break from blogging. I celebrate my accomplishments and set goals for my blog internally but I rarely share them with you all so here it is for the month of August! Inside Notebook




August Goals

1. More interaction on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram 2. Add at least two more videos on the Don't Die Afraid YouTube channel, if you aren't subscribed yet, no problem, just click HERE. 3. Blog daily. 4. Create a watermark for my photos 5. Update the layout 6. Take inventory of my categories and tags

August Success, only 4 days in

1. Received the amazing opportunity to cover a major event in NYC as Press! More details shortly! 2. Added and formatted the "Related Content" section at the bottom which I fashionably renamed to "More Amazing Content You Want to Read" 3. Responded directly to every new follower on Twitter to personally thank them 4. Installed a new statistics widget, SlimStat and I am loving it! 5. Created a "Stay In Contact" page for feedback from my Fearless Family 6. Developed a cute style for my images and text

Looking at my past I can say I am on a roll for August and it feels goooooooooood! What are some of your goals and accomplishments so far for this month? Thanks again Mikelah for inspiring this post.

#BeSureSundays- Purpose

I saw this quote during the week and knew it had to be posted for #BeSureSundays. Some people get so caught up with the word purpose, it makes them uncomfortable. I've heard individuals complain about not being passionate about anything therefore they lack a purpose. That statement is so far from the truth A HUGE LIE! We all have a purpose. At different stages in life, our purposes might change based on the clarity we are experiencing. Just because we don't have this elaborate purpose to cure type 1 diabetes, doesn't mean we aren't useful to this world. Never diminish your aspirations because you feel like they don't compare to the next person's. Everyday I set out with a purpose to accomplish three goals on my to do list, make someone laugh, compliment a stranger...whatever it may be. My daily purpose usually revolves around how can I help someone? So on those days when you wake up and you are unsure of what the bigger purpose in life is, just remember a small daily purpose goes a long way.

Wake Up With a Purpose

What are some of your daily purposes in life? If you have your breath-taking major purpose in life, what is it? Share! I want to know! *smile*