#BeSureSundays-Finish Line


This is my last week of classes for the semester! Can I get an AMEN? If you are a student, you know the struggle. As the semester concludes, students are so excited to get the chance to relax. However, the summer can serve as a relief for some and stress for others. Those who are returning next fall, can use the summer to recharge- whereas graduates are pressured to have a job confirmed or figure out what their next move is. Either way, it feels like a finish line. Finish Line

Over the past couple of months I've been telling myself to Keep Pushing to get to this finish line. Once finals are over, I will take a deep sigh of relief and be able to focus more of my talents here on Don't Die Afraid. However, I saw this quote repeatedly and thought maybe it was a productive mindset to have. If we train ourselves to believe that there is no finish line, then it teaches us how to increase our endurance. However, does it also discourage us from feeling like we have reached success?

The whole point of #BeSureSundays is to encourage ourselves to make it through the week. I feel this quote does that in an indirect way.

 What do you think about the quote? I'm still not completely sold, but maybe it is just the way I am interpreting it. What does it mean to you?