September 11th Salute

My blog focuses on individuals who aren't dying afraid. They pursue their passions without hesitations. Doing this can be an uncomfortable and scary process because you aren't guaranteed to ANYTHING and don't know 100% where your journey will take you. 911 Bridge

On September 11, 2001 individuals were faced  with what was most likely the scariest situation they have ever experienced. These ordinary civilians just at work or walking around the city did not die afraid. Yes they were probably scared because they didn't know what the outcome would be but they were also thinking about their loved ones and trying to help each other escape and to be so selfless at a time when their lives were in jeopardy is FEARLESS. 

911 Judy

The story above is just one example out of hundreds of fearless acts that occurred that day.

I salute all those lost as a result of September 11th and send prayers of comfort to their families.