His Favor


If you follow me on Instagram you know that a little while ago I was honored twice in one month. My response was, "Y'all want to honor little ol' me?"...I was truly humbled. I didn't get to share it here on DDA because I was going through some struggles. But anyway back to the point, my first honor was being featured on PopCulturez.com. It all started when I connected with the talented Anny Jules on Instagram. If you don't know who she is, you better do your research. Anny is a singer, actress, writer, and public relations guru.  Anny Jules

After connecting she told me that she would like to interview me for PopCulturez Q&A Fridays (Go check it out!). It was my first feature so I was ecstatic for this achievement! Anny and I hit it off so well, bonding over being New Yorkers, new bloggers, and the daily hustle of fearlessly making our dreams come true. It was a pleasure working with her and we have more collaborations planned for the future (one coming up August 15th Yay!!!). Sorors

A few weeks later, Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc., The Mu Omega Chapter asked me to give a presentation on self-esteem during their "Black Girls RHOck" event. I am a natural when it comes to public speaking and it is one thing I absolutely love. I dream of giving inspirational speeches in front of thousands of people one day. For some people my dream would be their nightmare because the fear of public speaking, glossophobia is one of the top fears in the world.


The very thing that makes my eyes twinkle, my heart beat faster, and my smile shine its brightest, gives others anxiety beyond control. Don't get me wrong, I get nervous before all my presentations but those nerves feed into my energy and increase the quality of my performance. It's a huge turn on.

The room was filled with young ladies who were making the best out of their present and passionate about their futures. You could feel the good vibes flowing. Several black girls who rock from George Mason University's community were honored for their hard work and I was one of them. It caught me by surprise because I was under the impression that I was just there to do my presentation and enjoy the evening but when my name was called, I truly felt like I had won a Nobel Peace Prize. My certificate meant the world to me because even though I am so early in my journey for Don't Die Afraid, there are people who want to celebrate it. It is due to His favor (God if y'all are confused) and my heart is filled with gratitude. RoomCertificate

Do you love or hate public speaking? Have your talents been recognized in the past couple of months? Please share below in the comments. Thanks for reading!

#BeSureSundays- Blessings from Above


We all know the reason I started Don't Die Afraid was to teach myself how to be comfortable with not having the ability to control every aspect of my life, especially my career. Now a year has passed and I've been pretty successful at that. I landed my current job by walking into an office to inquire more information about their services because I was genuinely curious. Elaine, the woman I met saw my potential and that I would be a great fit for her team. At first there were no positions available  but she advocated for me anyway, in hopes that her office would be able to use me even if it was just for volunteer work. About two weeks later, a position magically opened and the director offered it to little ol' me! It was literally like the position fell into my lap because I got it based off my curiosity for life.

When I started graduate school I was passively looking for jobs because I didn't know if I could handle working and going to school. I went in with the mindset that I would be fine even if I didn't find job because I had a nice stash of money saved.

head down

When I say I love my job, that is an understatement! My job is the helping office on campus because we work hard to make sure students are supported in all aspects of wellness during their college experience. We address the most hard hitting issues: substance abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual health, and nutrition.

The past year working for that office has been an amazing experience and has catapulted me into many other leadership opportunities. I'm so grateful for every minute I spent there. However, since the year is over and budget cuts are the devil, my time with them is over. Bummer, I know! It is unsettling not having a job solidified for September, but I was in this position last year and everything worked out. Everything will be alright....right? When I found out, I cried and briefly thought my world was ending. Then, I remembered three things: my motto (Don't Die Afraid), accept change, and keep my head up. So if you are going through something that has your head down, don't keep it there for too long because you might miss the blessings coming from above. I can't see what my future holds for September but I'm going to go forth fearlessly (the only way).

Have you had any unforeseen recent changes in your career? Can you hook a sister up with a job or pain internship in public health for the summer? (Shoot, I had to ask haha)

Missy Lynn's Palette

This is NOT a beauty blog for many reasons, but it is a place where I showcase inspiration. Last night I saw beauty and inspiration collide when I heard about Missy Lynn's palette with BH Cosmetics. Who is addicted to YouTube videos? *looks around the internet, raises hand shyly* ME! ME! ME! I love the aesthetics of a good YouTube video, thinking about how the editing process was, and of course the content. I low key love editing- my bachelor's degree is in Broadcast Journalism so I edited videos and audio for daysssss. It wasn't even on this fancy Final Cut Pro everyone has, I was using Avid. Only my old school editors know about that ancient thing! So back to the point, I was getting my nightly fix of YouTube and stumbled across this announcement.

I'm not a devoted fan of Missy Lynn's because I've never had the time to research her and see if I like her style and personality. In order for me to consistently follow a blogger or vlogger, I have to feel connected to him or her. I am subscribed to Missy Lynn so when I see interesting videos of hers, of course I check them out. Last night when I saw her reveal video, I was ecstatic! Her genuine gratitude is evident from the way she talks about her partnership giving an opportunity for more black women, choosing colors for all skin tones, designing it with her military dog tag in mind, making it affordable, and of course the strong pigments so it is worth our money. I was in awe of this woman! I am now officially a fan! For real, for real!

Missy Lynn's Palette

This one video made me a fan of Missy Lynn. This young woman is doing her thang! If you look in the comment section, many women share how this has pushed them to greater heights in there makeup artist journey. However, I believe Missy Lynn's new development can inspire us all regardless of what our purpose is. She is embodying my motto of, "Don't Die Afraid."

Missy Lynn, "Go On Girl!", support a sister by purchasing the palette here!

Are you a Missy Lynn fan? If so, what do you like about her? What do you think of the palette? I am not a makeup guru so I am bad at envisioning different looks but what can you see yourself using this for? Date night, job interview, everyday makeup?

Do You Have Any Regrets?

I don't usually watch TV shows because I am a grad student with limited time.

  • Writing 20 page single spaced papers (torture I know)
  • Reading long chapters on theory, health systems, and environmental health
  • Developing lesson plans because I am a TA
  • Serving overtime at my job because I love it so much
  • Establishing my company (Don't Die Afraid!!!)
  • Producing regular blog posts
  • Dining at savory restaurants so I can review them on Food Before Love
  • Traveling to New York to spend time with my Amazing Nana

In addition to the normal tasks of meal prepping, remaining updated on current events, exercising to strengthen my knees, adventures with Mr. Fearless, sorority events, folding clothes straight from the dryer (the most time consuming part of laundry), and satisfying my YouTube addiction.

Instead of spending my time watching shows, I binge watch them when I have a break from school. This also helps break the suspense all the rest of you have to live with week to week. However, two shows I have carved out time to watch and work the rest of my schedule around are Hindsight and Chasing Life.

Both shows revolve around decision making.

Hindsight Playlist

April's Fight

In Chasing Life the main character, April is a hardworking journalist at a Boston newspaper. She enjoys dating her hot co-worker Dominic, arguing with her little sister Brenna, and going to brunch with her best friend Beth. Most of the time she is indulged in work, busting her ass to be assigned major stories so she can get bylines. Once April's job and love life seem to be coming together, she is diagnosed with Leukemia. From that moment on, her goal is to live without any regrets.

StupidCancer Event

Pay Phone

Becca, the main character in Hindsight unfortunately doesn't have the same mentality as April. Becca has made choices that were the best for everyone except herself. She fortunately is able to travel to 1995 and start over. As she is reliving some of the landmark moments in her life including her wedding day and career choice- she questions every step deeply now to think what will make her the happiest. What if she can choose a different option and end up on a path that is less safe but more thrilling?

Binge Watch

Emily Fox, the creator and executive producer is brilliant! Even though I am only 23 years old I can still say I've made choices in which I didn't place my needs/feelings first. I cared too much about others and it resulted in my discontentment. I can honestly say I wouldn't go back and change any of my decisions because they have made me the fearless person I am today. Both Becca and April are living my motto, "Don't Die Afraid" and that is why I am so attached to them.

Are you going to be like April and take control of your future? Or will you be like Becca and feel remorse 10 years from now?

What shows are you loyal to watching this season? Can you imagine having a second chance like Becca? Would you change something small, major, or leave your life the way it is? Do you ever make decisions based on the emotions of others? To prevent misery 15 years from now, how can you live a life without regrets?

New Day

#BeSureSundays- Don't Ever Give Up

Welcome to 2015! First of all if you are reading this, I am grateful for you! I started Don't Die Afraid this year and it continues to evolve thanks to loyal readers like yourself. Thank you for your unwavering support and we hope you remain an integral part of the Fearless Family for years to come!

Now back to the regularly scheduled post which is about perseverance . Today, we lost Stuart Scott, a legendary ESPN sports anchor. I don't usually follow sports, nor do I watch ESPN (unless Mr. Fearless has it on). However, when he shared the news with me I was sad for him because he really admired Scott and obviously felt sympathy for the Scott family. I just experienced the loss of my grandmother, so those feelings are way too fresh for me. However, as I quickly learned about Scott's legacy through the touching tributes and heartfelt memories shared by his colleagues, I received an understanding for how genuine he was.

Then I learned some history about the Jimmy V Perseverance Award which Scott received just a few months ago.  Jimmy Valvano was a legendary college basketball coach who also battled with cancer. In 1993, he made a powerful acceptance speech for the Arthur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award introducing, "The V Foundation" which was co-founded with ESPN in the hope to cure cancer. The motto of the organization is "Don't give up, don't ever give up."

I thought this message would be perfect to share for our #BeSureSundays because both men embodied the mantra of "Don't Die Afraid" by living each moment fearlessly, even during the toughest times of their lives. My condolences to Stuart Scott's loved ones. Let his life and Jimmy Valvano's encourage us to fight through every obstacle.

Give Up

You can donate to The V Foundation in honor of Stuart Scott.

Are you an admirer of Stuart Scott? If so leave a comment about your favorite memory of him. If you are a sports fan, who are some of your favorite sportscasters?

Introducing #BeSureSundays

Sundays nights can be rough! It is the most hated day of the weekend. You can't sleep in late because of errands/church and you can't stay up all night because of work/school. So yeah Sundays are mood killers and a reality slap telling you that soon you'll be waking up to Monday Morning Blues (unless it is a long weekend which we love). But what if we changed our attitudes towards Sunday nights and Monday mornings? On Sundays relax & unwind- catch up on your favorite shows, read a book, drink some wine, take a bath surrounded by candles, read Don't Die Afraid, watch football, cook a hearty meal, go horse back riding, exercise....really do anything that brings you happiness. If your Sunday is spent focusing on joy then you will be ready to conquer all the shenanigans you might face that week.

A lot of this anxiety about the weekend being over comes from us not being sure of ourselves. We aren't sure we can deal with the bullcrap we might endure for the week. BUT WE CAN! WE CAN DO IT ALL because we aren't dying afraid, we are a fearless family!


So with that mindset, I came up with the idea of #BeSureSundays. On Sundays, let's focus on seizing the last ounce of the weekend by doing things that makes us smile. Use the hashtag #BeSureSundays to post pictures or tweets about what you are doing that Sunday to be fulfilled, sure of yourself, and ready to conquer the week ahead! I'll also post an inspirational quote, that will be used to get us through the week.

As for Monday mornings, let's remember to be grateful for another day of life.

What do you do on Sundays to prepare for the week?

What is your favorite day of the week?