Don't Die Afraid

die-afraid I love inspirational quotes and I would like to share some with you so you can be inspired too! This is a photo I took a year ago on a road trip to Mississippi. (Don't ask me why I thought an 18 hour drive would be the best way to spend my Spring Break...I'm crazy I know.) Of course the first quote I want to share is one I wrote myself. I wrote this over the summer when I conceived the idea for this blog. To me it means, don't let your fears limit you. Do something that you've been curious about, start a YouTube channel, go whatever it is that you might regret not doing 60 years from now. For me it was applying to jobs outside of my "dream field." After two months of not working post graduation and thinking that was the end of the world, I realized I am interested in a lot and could apply to a job anywhere! I could have been a food stylist, tour guide, food buyer, food critic, chef...anything that has to do with food clearly. Once I realized that my possibilities were endless, I found a job in technology.

If you aren't familiar with this location, it is the Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. April 4, 2014 will make it 46 years ago. I chose this background photo for this quote because Dr. King is the perfect example of a person who didn't die afraid.

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What is one of your  biggest fears? How are you actively working to get over that fear?