Missy Lynn's Palette

This is NOT a beauty blog for many reasons, but it is a place where I showcase inspiration. Last night I saw beauty and inspiration collide when I heard about Missy Lynn's palette with BH Cosmetics. Who is addicted to YouTube videos? *looks around the internet, raises hand shyly* ME! ME! ME! I love the aesthetics of a good YouTube video, thinking about how the editing process was, and of course the content. I low key love editing- my bachelor's degree is in Broadcast Journalism so I edited videos and audio for daysssss. It wasn't even on this fancy Final Cut Pro everyone has, I was using Avid. Only my old school editors know about that ancient thing! So back to the point, I was getting my nightly fix of YouTube and stumbled across this announcement.

I'm not a devoted fan of Missy Lynn's because I've never had the time to research her and see if I like her style and personality. In order for me to consistently follow a blogger or vlogger, I have to feel connected to him or her. I am subscribed to Missy Lynn so when I see interesting videos of hers, of course I check them out. Last night when I saw her reveal video, I was ecstatic! Her genuine gratitude is evident from the way she talks about her partnership giving an opportunity for more black women, choosing colors for all skin tones, designing it with her military dog tag in mind, making it affordable, and of course the strong pigments so it is worth our money. I was in awe of this woman! I am now officially a fan! For real, for real!

Missy Lynn's Palette

This one video made me a fan of Missy Lynn. This young woman is doing her thang! If you look in the comment section, many women share how this has pushed them to greater heights in there makeup artist journey. However, I believe Missy Lynn's new development can inspire us all regardless of what our purpose is. She is embodying my motto of, "Don't Die Afraid."

Missy Lynn, "Go On Girl!", support a sister by purchasing the palette here!

Are you a Missy Lynn fan? If so, what do you like about her? What do you think of the palette? I am not a makeup guru so I am bad at envisioning different looks but what can you see yourself using this for? Date night, job interview, everyday makeup?