#BeSureSundays- Be Authentic

The #BeSureSundays motivation for this week is Be Authentic. Learn how 10 strangers taught me the importance of authenticity. If you find any obstacles along your path, I challenge you to approach it with your core values in mind.

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#BeSureSundays- Blessings from Above


We all know the reason I started Don't Die Afraid was to teach myself how to be comfortable with not having the ability to control every aspect of my life, especially my career. Now a year has passed and I've been pretty successful at that. I landed my current job by walking into an office to inquire more information about their services because I was genuinely curious. Elaine, the woman I met saw my potential and that I would be a great fit for her team. At first there were no positions available  but she advocated for me anyway, in hopes that her office would be able to use me even if it was just for volunteer work. About two weeks later, a position magically opened and the director offered it to little ol' me! It was literally like the position fell into my lap because I got it based off my curiosity for life.

When I started graduate school I was passively looking for jobs because I didn't know if I could handle working and going to school. I went in with the mindset that I would be fine even if I didn't find job because I had a nice stash of money saved.

head down

When I say I love my job, that is an understatement! My job is the helping office on campus because we work hard to make sure students are supported in all aspects of wellness during their college experience. We address the most hard hitting issues: substance abuse, interpersonal violence, sexual health, and nutrition.

The past year working for that office has been an amazing experience and has catapulted me into many other leadership opportunities. I'm so grateful for every minute I spent there. However, since the year is over and budget cuts are the devil, my time with them is over. Bummer, I know! It is unsettling not having a job solidified for September, but I was in this position last year and everything worked out. Everything will be alright....right? When I found out, I cried and briefly thought my world was ending. Then, I remembered three things: my motto (Don't Die Afraid), accept change, and keep my head up. So if you are going through something that has your head down, don't keep it there for too long because you might miss the blessings coming from above. I can't see what my future holds for September but I'm going to go forth fearlessly (the only way).

Have you had any unforeseen recent changes in your career? Can you hook a sister up with a job or pain internship in public health for the summer? (Shoot, I had to ask haha)

#BeSureSundays- Your Words Matter


I'm sitting on the floor of Mr. Fearless' dining room exhausted from my blogger adventure filled weekend instead of writing a paper due in the day after tomorrow. Are my priorities backwards? Probably, but there is only one week left in the semester and I have neglected my business because of my dedication to my studies, so I believe it is time to show Don't Die Afraid some desperately needed love. This weekend I attended Blogger Week hosted by Black Bloggers Connect and the first Brown Girl Bloggers meetup hosted by Candice VanWye. There will be a full recap of the event up this week on DDA but the most important gem was, "Your words matter." Words Matter

Although this advice was shared with bloggers, it is applicable to all of our lives regardless of occupation. We all have words to share- some choose to share them through blogging, YouTube, personal interaction, or social media. No matter what your platform is, we all have something to say. Sometimes I catch myself thinking negatively about my blog- asking myself, "Are people reading this? Am I helping anyone or is this a waste of my time?" Hearing this quote at the conference reminded me that I am a storyteller and when I put all my energy into something, I am damn good at it.

Stop second guessing yourself and recognize how important your words are. You will never know the impact of them until you share them. Master how to deliver those words and you will be golden!

If you are new to the Fearless Family, read what inspired #BeSureSundays. Do you ever feel like your words don't matter or they are falling upon deaf ears (or blind eyes depending on your platform)? What are some inspirational quotes you heard this week that are going to keep you motivated for the week?

#BeSureSundays-Finish Line


This is my last week of classes for the semester! Can I get an AMEN? If you are a student, you know the struggle. As the semester concludes, students are so excited to get the chance to relax. However, the summer can serve as a relief for some and stress for others. Those who are returning next fall, can use the summer to recharge- whereas graduates are pressured to have a job confirmed or figure out what their next move is. Either way, it feels like a finish line. Finish Line

Over the past couple of months I've been telling myself to Keep Pushing to get to this finish line. Once finals are over, I will take a deep sigh of relief and be able to focus more of my talents here on Don't Die Afraid. However, I saw this quote repeatedly and thought maybe it was a productive mindset to have. If we train ourselves to believe that there is no finish line, then it teaches us how to increase our endurance. However, does it also discourage us from feeling like we have reached success?

The whole point of #BeSureSundays is to encourage ourselves to make it through the week. I feel this quote does that in an indirect way.

 What do you think about the quote? I'm still not completely sold, but maybe it is just the way I am interpreting it. What does it mean to you?

#BeSureSundays: Winds of Change

If you like dealing with change, raise your hand!*keeps hands in lap* Change has always been intimidating to me. Consistency is comfortable; I know what to expect, I can prepare for obstacles ahead of time, and I am mentally content. Change doesn't allow for any of the previously mentioned perks. However, change is inevitable so it doesn't matter if we like it or not...it's going to happen so we just have to accept it.

Within the past two years, I have experienced major changes in relationships, career paths, housing, finances, health status, and family dynamics. In the past, I've frequently viewed change as negative. I found this wall decal almost two years ago that supplied me with comfort and encouraged me to embrace change.

Winds of Change Decal

Two years later, after trying to apply this quote to my life- I can finally say, I truly believe it. When I quit my FULL TIME (paid vacation, benefits, free lunch, beer & pizza on Fridays, health insurance) job to pursue my masters, I was nervous TERRIFIED. However, this past year has been one of the best years of my life, I have found my true direction.

The next time a change is thrown at you, I encourage you to fearlessly go with the wind so you can uncover your unexpected treasures.

How do you handle change? What is the most recent change in life that you had to deal with?

Winds of Change

Don't Die Afraid on YouTube

Today marks the one year birthday of Don't Die Afraid and 24th year of my life! I am so thankful to all those who have helped me along this journey. Especially YOU! Yes YOU! You- the reader, the supporter, the person who leaves comments! You are the reason I keep going. So with that being said, I would love to introduce y'all to the next level of Don't Die Afraid which is my new YouTube channel, yay!!!!!! I would love your support for this channel, just as you have supported this blog. Both of these are a part of my vision for Don't Die Afraid and it only goes higher from here.

This is something I have been contemplating for a long time and decided to just go and do it! Why? Because I am living fearless! For y'all who haven't ever seen me in person- this video is a clear view of me---I am a walking Tangent so I apologize in advance for any distractions haha.

I LOVE birthdays so tell me all about yours!  When is your birthday? Why or why don't you like to celebrate birthdays? What is the most enjoyable thing you've done for your birthday?

#BeSureSundays- Women's Rights

Happy International Women's Day! This observance dates back to 1911 and ever since has sparked economic, political, and social action on a global scale. The theme for this year is "Make It Happen"; which highlights the achievements of women while simultaneously serving as a call for greater equality. So obviously, it was a no-brainer that I had to highlight it for #BeSureSundays. The whole premise behind #BeSureSundays is to use Sunday as an opportunity to gear up for the week ahead by meditating and making sure we know what we are capable of. The YouTube spotlight campaign "#DearMe" made it evident that the discussion among women is that we aren't sure of ourselves. The videos were an opportunity for women to give their younger selves some advice. Many women explained doubting themselves, worrying too much, hating their bodies, being afraid to be themselves are consistent issues... I pray that one day we have a generation of girls who don't harvest any of those insecurities.

Hillary Clinton

In 1995 at the Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, Hillary Rodham Clinton stated our featured quote for this week. After 20 years this statement still seems to be debated by our society especially when we look at violence against women, insufficient  amounts of women in leadership roles, and the lack of accommodations for pregnant/working mothers.

Today please join me in celebrating women all over the world making strides and still fighting the battle. They are surely living the motto, "Don't Die Afraid."

Who are some inspirational women in your life? How do you show appreciation for these women?



Missy Lynn's Palette

This is NOT a beauty blog for many reasons, but it is a place where I showcase inspiration. Last night I saw beauty and inspiration collide when I heard about Missy Lynn's palette with BH Cosmetics. Who is addicted to YouTube videos? *looks around the internet, raises hand shyly* ME! ME! ME! I love the aesthetics of a good YouTube video, thinking about how the editing process was, and of course the content. I low key love editing- my bachelor's degree is in Broadcast Journalism so I edited videos and audio for daysssss. It wasn't even on this fancy Final Cut Pro everyone has, I was using Avid. Only my old school editors know about that ancient thing! So back to the point, I was getting my nightly fix of YouTube and stumbled across this announcement.

I'm not a devoted fan of Missy Lynn's because I've never had the time to research her and see if I like her style and personality. In order for me to consistently follow a blogger or vlogger, I have to feel connected to him or her. I am subscribed to Missy Lynn so when I see interesting videos of hers, of course I check them out. Last night when I saw her reveal video, I was ecstatic! Her genuine gratitude is evident from the way she talks about her partnership giving an opportunity for more black women, choosing colors for all skin tones, designing it with her military dog tag in mind, making it affordable, and of course the strong pigments so it is worth our money. I was in awe of this woman! I am now officially a fan! For real, for real!

Missy Lynn's Palette

This one video made me a fan of Missy Lynn. This young woman is doing her thang! If you look in the comment section, many women share how this has pushed them to greater heights in there makeup artist journey. However, I believe Missy Lynn's new development can inspire us all regardless of what our purpose is. She is embodying my motto of, "Don't Die Afraid."

Missy Lynn, "Go On Girl!", support a sister by purchasing the palette here!

Are you a Missy Lynn fan? If so, what do you like about her? What do you think of the palette? I am not a makeup guru so I am bad at envisioning different looks but what can you see yourself using this for? Date night, job interview, everyday makeup?