#BeSureSundays - Fall in Love

Christmas has passed and it is time to ring in the new year! As stated in my last post, this season is for rebirth. Many people take this literally and promote strongly a, "New Year, New Me" attitude. However, my motto for the year is "Fall in Love With Yourself." Instead of trying to create a whole new "(Insert Your Name Here)", how about just loving yourself? Yes, none of us are where we want to be in life but SO WHAT? That is the point of living, we constantly evolve! Fall in Love

For the new year join me in loving and celebrating ourselves! Let me define what loving yourself consists of-- expressing more gratitude, having faith in your abilities, rewarding yourself after a victory even if it is small, finding at least one positive in every "negative" situation, laughing more, eating healthy,  exercising, and most importantly being FREE!

The last call to action, "being FREE" was inspired by a YouTuber, Charmaine (@MissCharmsie). I agree with her 100% that all my life I've dealt with freedom to be myself unapologetically. Fear is ultimately the reason preventing most of us from being free, that is why I started this blog and my journey to not dying afraid. So when I heard about her campaign #FreeYourMind2015 , I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

I hope you, my fearless family decides to join me in this journey!

Do you have a theme for this year? How are you celebrating the new year? What are some other ways to love yourself?