Let's Get Uncomfortable: Mental Health Makeover Event

Let's Get Uncomfortable: Mental Health Makeover Event

When you visualize your goals, it makes them easier to obtain. A year ago when I launched my movement, #BlackMHM Black Mental Health Makeover, I envisioned eventually moving the dialogue from online to in person. Blog posts and YouTube videos were a great way to get people talking, but I wanted to connect in person. I thrive on human interaction. Now here I type, almost a year later- I am 31 days away from the mental health event I envisioned. Let me tell you, it feels good as hell!

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#BlackMHM : Interview on WRHU 88.7FM


Success is overcoming the doubtful voices in your head that try to stop you. Two weeks ago when I started the Black Mental Health Makeover #BlackMHM social media campaign, I overcame some dark thoughts that told me I would fail at making an impact. Now, here I type today with press coverage and an interview on a radio station that can be heard all around the world.

I've been involved with this radio station for a while. Almost three years ago, I was a business reporter for "Newsline" and a DJ/host for "Off the Charts" and "The Jazz Cafe." Yesterday, instead of being behind the mixing board, I was the guest for an interview on "Hofstra's Morning Wake-Up Call." It was such a humbling experience to be interviewed by Shannon Nia Alomar, a young lady that I have watched grow into a powerhouse. Thank you again Shannon for acknowledging how important mental health is and allowing me this dynamic platform to share my testimony on.