Spring Fling Fun!- Recap

IMG_6733 So remember the event I told you all about a couple of weeks ago? I went and had a blast! My friend Lita accompanied me and there were cake pops so she enjoyed herself as well (sweet tooth with her is an understatement). She even won a raffle that included some cool jewelry and clothing from MyTee B.A.D. ! Lita

Speaking of winning things, I won a ticket to Popcorn Production's PopEvents May Edition: Unleash Your Brilliance. It is a networking event for business owners and "femme-preneurs"! (how cool of a word is that?) If you aren't familiar with the company, definitely go check out the website! The company was founded by Deborah Asseraf who once used her planning and organizing skills for a major media company but then realized that she would be more fulfilled by starting her own business where she has full creative control. I LOVE entrepreneurs!!! I admire their perseverance, creativity, and quirkiness! I hope to feature Deborah one day soon in our Inspiration Corner!

Danielle was pulling those names out! You're a Winner!



As the event winded down, we had the chance to mingle! I met some really great ladies who are doing their THANGGGG! There is just something so inspirational about being surrounded by women who know what they want in life and are out to get it! It is one thing to be a planner but actually executing it is KEY! One of our activities was to introduce ourselves and when I heard someone say "Food Before Love" I was like "WHATTT?!" I literally found out about that blog two weeks prior and thought it was a genius idea so to be in the same room as the mastermind, Casandra who is the founder was fate! So of course I took her to the side, introduced myself, and told her how much I have stalked her blog. One topic led to the next and we were just clicking in moments! Then a couple of days later I attended her event Cinco De Mimosa...check back tomorrow for the scoop on that! Let's just say it was 6pm, the sun was up, and I was tipsy. So you know I had a great time!


It was my first SheDares event of many! I was glad to see Danielle in her element. I am so proud of her and the circle of women she inspires on a daily basis to live their lives BOLD! She kept introducing me to other business owners and saying how she can connect me with any of them for a feature on Don't Die Afraid but little does she know is that SHE was the major inspiration in the room!



What is your favorite aspect of spring?