Owning My Identity As an Inspirational Blogger with #InspiredMobility

Sometimes when we can't find space for our unique talents, we feel pressured to place ourselves into boxes that don't represent who we truly are. When participating in blogging surveys, I always felt uncomfortable because I didn't fit into the pre-defined blogger categories of "Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Technology, or DIY." I was forced to place a check next to "Other," without any opportunity to write that I am an inspirational blogger.

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This feeling of not belonging wasn't exclusive to only surveys, it was also present during meet-ups and conferences when the breakout sessions for blog niches never included inspiration. The few times I was brave enough to share my niche, people would say, “What is an inspirational blogger? So what do you even write about?” Instead of utilizing it as a moment for expanding the knowledge of others, I began questioning the need for my voice in the blogging arena. I simply didn't think there was a community for people like myself.

When these small voices of self-doubt arise, I remind myself of my mission, "Empower individuals to realize their circumstances don't hinder their future. They are just stepping stones to success to show them how resilient they truly are."

"When your mission is clear, nothing can stand in your way- not even self-doubt. #DontDieAfraid"

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During AT&T's #InspiredMobility Session at Blogging While Brown in Washington D.C. July 15-17, I finally found others who wanted to uplift and inspire people daily. L. Michelle Smith, Director, Public Relations, U.S. Diversity, Citizenship & Sustainability and Jason Caston, Faith & Mobility Expert led the group in a discussion about how people are using mobile technology to connect with their faith or inspiration.

AT&T's Inspired Mobility initiative realizes, "Inspiration is no longer just analog. People are picking up their mobile devices to connect with it, and it has never been more popular. Inspired Mobility is another way to see how people make our products and services a part of their lives so that everything works better."

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I was thrilled to be introduced to Inspired Mobility because I enjoy using my mobile platform to share positive vibes with my Resilient Family and also receive inspiration from others. Thanks to AT&T, I will be attending my first National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) & National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Convention, (#NABJNAHJ16) from August 3-7.

On August 5, I will get the chance to meet Rev. Run after his exclusive chat with Alfred Edmond Jr. about how he uses his "Words of Wisdom" to reach millions daily. I'll share live updates from the conference on social media with the hashtags #NABJNAHJ16 and #InspiredMobility.

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Disclosure: Thank you AT&T for sponsoring this post. You my Resilient Family know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that value my unique voice!

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