I Fell In Love With a Mimosa

mimosa7 I've never liked breakfast food...besides pancakes or french toast. The smell of eggs is unsettling (to say in the most polite way), being assaulted on the arm by bacon grease is rude, oatmeal is boring, cereal gets soggy, bagels are apparently only a major thing in NY, sausage aesthetically disturbs me (I can only eat the patties), grits stick to your insides, Greek peach yogurt is the only kind I'll eat, and croissants aren't fluffy enough for me (Pret A Manger has the best ones!).


Growing up my main perception of lunch was gross school cafeteria lunch or whatever sandwich my Nana packed for me that I gave  to my classmate Steven. So I wasn't sold on this whole idea of "brunch", combining my two least favorite meals of the day wasn't appealing.


Don't let me get started on the drinks! I'm an apple juice type of gal! You can keep your freshly squeezed orange juice with all that pulp. Just because you add a little champagne to OJ doesn't make it tasty (or so I thought before I fell in love). I NEVER turn down a food outing, so once I heard about Cinco de Mimosa, the Food Before Love event, I had to go.

Mimosaholic-loverCasandra, the creator of Food Before Love was at the door in her Tacos & Tequilla shirt greeting her guests as they came in. The event was as Matilda's in the East Village and it was decorated perfectly with sombrero balloons and Corona paraphernalia everywhere.



Once you were seated, there was a menu outlining your brunch choices and then the mimosas started flowing! The music was good, the  food was tasty, the people were friendly, and the mimosas were being refilled on time. I went to the event alone and ended up sitting with ladies who were cousins. We talked, laughed, drank, and had a good ol time!




Casandra introduced my stomach to a brand new brunch experience. She turned me into a BELIEVER! I'm a mimosaholic now! My record is 8 and I'm up for the challenge so come try me.  I think I fell in love with them between round 4 and 5.

So now instead of saying "Dinner Thursday sounds good.", I can be fancy and say, "Let''s do brunch on Saturday darling."

Mimosaholic Lover

What is your favorite meal of the day?

What is your mimosa record?

Where can I get the BEST mimosa?