I love music! It is a great escape and some songs have the power to allow my mind to just drift away. This song, "Journée" by Joke ft. Ayomari has been on replay since I was introduced to it a month ago. The beat is fluid and relaxing. I imagine myself cruising on the coast of an island when I listen to it. It's in French so that probably affects the mindset it puts me in.

When I heard the beat, I immediately fell in love. After some research, I found out the song is actually sampled from "Sourire" by Les Nubians in 1998. The original is a great song too. Too bad I have no clue what they are saying either since it is in French.

I don't encourage excessively vulgar music. I have moments when I love to indulge in senseless rap songs. (I'm trying to not use the word ratchet on my blog...haha. Since this is in parentheses, it doesn't count.) You know the ones that come on Power 105.1 and you are like, "Seriously, this song is stupid but it is my jammmmmm!" I have a confession, my guilty pleasure is "Collard Greens" by ScHoolBoy Q. The first time it was introduced on the radio I said, "Why in the world did they name this song collard greens?" Then I changed the station without even listening. Then one time I turned on the radio and was like this song is dope! I Shazam'd it and to my disbelief it was "Collard Greens" unfortunately.

Anyway, back to my man you see his lips?


I said all that to say, if you know French and this song is really vulgar, I apologize. All the translations I found were faulty. I just love the beat and the sound of French rolling off his tongue. If I was into the whole bad boy persona I would totally be attracted to him.

Joke 4

By the way, he isn't a new artist, this song was released in 2012. However, the cool thing about music is no matter how old the song is, it still has the power to affect you. Why do you think throwbacks are so popular? Because there is no expiration date on good music! I tried to find as much information about Joke as possible but it was all mostly in French. I tried finding English subtitles on interviews and that didn't even work. I'm interested in him but this language barrier is a killer.

"Harajuku" is another song of his that I have on repeat. I love traveling, so hearing this song in French while watching the video in Tokyo has my brain on culture overload.

 Joke's Def Jam France Page


Do you like listening to music in other languages? What do you think of Joke? Does he remind you of some American rappers?