Seven November Challenges You Should Join Now

You keep saying how 2016 is going to give you a fresh start for you to become a better version of yourself.  Stop waiting and make the change today! Challenges propel you forward and push you out of your fear zone. I refuse to call it a "comfort zone" because some of us aren't comfortable being in those zones but we are too afraid to make the move to another zone. What's the name of this blog? Don't Die Afraid- so we have to make these changes y'all!

Don't get confused, I'm not exempt for procrastinating on my greatness. I've realized that, now is the time to stop!

Let's do this together! Below, I have 7 November Challenges that will make you laugh, cry, eat delicious food, become more flexible, make more money, and reach a new level of gratitude.


1. #BendBalanceMove3 Challenge

TARGET POPULATION?: Aspiring yogis who can't commit to a 30 day challenge

WHAT IS IT?: From Nov. 1-15th @LadyDork , @Hippie_Heathen , @Superhumanyogi , and @Dade2Shelby will post poses for the day for you to try. On the 5th day, you are allowed to create your own sequence. All the details for the challenge can be found here. Not to mention, all of the hosts are black and beautiful!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If you have been contemplating starting yoga, this is perfect for you. Don't worry about being a beginner and not looking exactly like the host's photo.  I don't know all the hosts of this challenge, but I've followed @LadyDork for a while now and she always shares with us before and after pictures. I know it is intimidating seeing their bodies contorted in various ways, but it takes practice and patience.

LESSONS TO LEARN: To not compare yourself and enjoy the journey. "It's not about the end result, it's about the practice becoming a way of life." -@Superhumanyogi

AS FOR ME: For the past few months, I have worked on changing my lifestyle. My eating habits were the first to be overhauled and so far, I'm doing great in that department. Physical activity is next on my list so this challenge came in the perfect time.

2. FoodBeforeLove Weekly Photo Challenge


TARGET POPULATION?: Everyone who eats food, so yes that means you!

WHAT IS IT?: From November 1-30, Casandra of Food Before Love will post weekly photo challenges on Instagram. Each week will have a new theme, prompting your taste buds to explore something new. Week 1 is #RestaurantRookie, post a photo of you peeking behind a menu. More yummy details here!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If you are a foodie, you don't need any words of encouragement, you are already on board for this challenge. However, if you aren't a foodie- allow this challenge to force you to try new things on the menu or the restaurant you've been interested in trying. How could I forget...there are prizes involved! Win tons of free giveaways for your kitchen.

LESSONS TO LEARN: How fun it is to let your palate explore new cuisines and dishes. Food Before Love is a publication that loves introducing its readers to new food experiences, so take advantage of this challenge and push your palate to the limit.

AS FOR ME: I LOVE eating new dishes. Yes, I'm one of "those people", "I'll try anything at least once." I watched Casandra develop this challenge so I'm super excited for you all to join me in it.

3. #GetLovedUp Challenge

TARGET POPULATION?: People who want to bring positive vibes into their lives

WHAT IS IT?: From November 2nd-30th there will be a word posted on @GetLovedUp , the two hosts @KoyaWebb , and @CarmelRodriguezFit will share how that word shows up in their life. They will dig deep to share with you their physical, mental, and spiritual endeavors.  Then it is your chance to share a photo that was inspired by that word and share why. The goal of this holistic health challenge is to inspire you to "Love Yourself, Love Others, and Love the Earth" even more. More details here!


WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Everyone needs more love. This challenge is the perfect opportunity to dig deep and learn more about yourself. You can also use these topics as journal prompts if you love to write.

LESSONS TO LEARN: There are 28 of them, each response you have to the words are lessons learned. You can also search the hashtag to see what other people are sharing and learn from them as well.

AS FOR ME: I've been working on myself for a couple of weeks now, so this challenge also came in the perfect in time. I also love this challenge because it is hosted by two amazingly fit women who aren't asking you to do these workouts or poses that you find impossible, they are giving you the freedom to post whatever you want.

4. #30Days30Layers


WHAT IS IT?: From November 1-30th, GG Renee has created a list of 30 writing prompts to act as catalysts for us. The best part about it is that she is leaving them up to our interpretation and we can do whatever we want with them! We can use them in our private journals, make a Facebook status about them, write a blog post, take a photo to match it, IT'S UP TO US! GG chooses to write free verse poems and share them on her social media. More details here!


WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: DO THIS! This challenge doesn't have much structure at all and that's the beauty of it. I'm super excited to see the infinite possibilities a little prompt can have because it's interpreted in various ways.

LESSONS TO LEARN: Your creative mountains. After you finish the challenge and look back on everything you've written, you are going to be so surprised by your talent.

AS FOR ME: I've always wanted to participate in #30Days30Layers but always found out too late. Thanks to being on GG's e-mail list, I was one of the first to know. I love her writing and appreciate her for allowing us all to have a piece of her journey as we embark on our own.

5. Chasing Joy November Gratitude Challenge



WHAT IS IT?: From November 1-30 Arlett of is challenging her readers to be thankful for at least one thing every day. She has a Facebook group where participants can share what they are grateful for and then on Thanksgiving she will give away a prize. More details here!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Everything in me believes that in order to advance to the next level, you have to be grateful for what you currently have. This challenge can only bring your spirits higher and is perfect to help with the difficulties that the holiday season can bring.

LESSONS TO LEARN: How to realize the smallest things in life that you normally overlook. Gratitude will shine so much light on your darkest moments, try it- I'm telling you it's amazing.

AS FOR ME: Arlett shared her plans for this challenge with me at Blogalicious so I know how much this means to her and totally support her work. I don't want to brag but I'm a pro at this. Gratitude is what awakes me in the morning, without it I would be focused on the lows of life and too depressed to face my obstacles. Literally yesterday, I added to my gratitude journal that I was grateful for a Sharpie being in my bag. I know it sounds bizarre and simple, but listen. I thought I had thrown the $3.58 Sharpie in a public garbage can by accident so when I discovered it was just hidden in my huge duffel bag, I was so thankful that my money hadn't gone to waste. $3.58 as a broke graduate student is car-fare, two drinks, or a box of granola.

6. Maya's #GetPaidChallenge


TARGET POPULATION?: Bloggers and business owners in the digital space

WHAT IS IT?: From November 1-30, Maya Elious will help us figure out how to: Set Our What, Find Your Who, and Execute The How. Through this challenge she will help you figure out how to get your business out there so you can make the money you should have been making a year ago. Sign up here!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: I've been following Maya for a while now and I know she is the real deal. I also met her in person and she was pretty dope. Instead of waiting for the new year to take your brand to the next level, do it now by joining this challenge.

LESSONS TO LEARN: How to realize your worth. As creatives we spend hours and sometimes weeks developing our work so it's time to make sure we are compensated for it.

AS FOR ME: I'm all about the Benjamins baby!

7. #NaBloPoMo Challenge - National Blog Posting Month!

TARGET POPULATION?: Another one for my bloggers!

WHAT IS IT?: From November 1-30, BlogHer is challenging its community to write a blog post every day! BlogHer has supplied us with prompts if we need them, but other than that- dust off your list of blog post ideas, move those posts from the draft box to publish, and get writing! Find the details and encouragement here!

WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: If you are a blogger, you know the struggle is real but thinking about how rewarding finishing this challenge would be.


LESSONS TO LEARN: Time management.

AS FOR ME: Yeah I know it sounds tiring but I'm ready to do this! My goal is to always have my posts written out 7 days prior....or at least 24 hours haha (I have to be honest with myself right?). There are tickets to BlogHer in Los Angeles on the line so I'm definitely going to finish this challenge. How sweet would it be to win tickets to my first BlogHer conference? Too sweet, so I'm all in!

Now It's Your Turn: WHEW! I know that is a lot but all of these challenges are beneficial. If you could only pick three challenges to do, which three would they be? Comment below to let me know; I would love to hear what you have to say!