3 Ways to Use Hallmark Mahogany Ornaments All Year

Back in September at Blogalicious, I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing PR team behind with Hallmark's Mahogany line. They let us in on the scoop by telling us about their Christmas Ornament line that hadn't been released yet. I love their cards because they feature individuals who look like me.  I've even seen some of my favorite bloggers like Mo Knows Hair and Mae the Natural Chica get featured on the cover of cards. How amazing is that? I would love to be featured on a card, I would buy all the cards and send them to everyone I know, with a message inside saying, "Nana, I made it!" I've shared on here before, that cards mean a lot to me, I have cards saved from years ago with sweet messages inside from my loved ones. I also love sending cards to people to let them know I am thinking about them.

Hallmark Ornaments 1.jpg

Since cards from Mahogany are always on point, I knew these ornaments would be just as amazing. I purchased these ornaments because I knew they would be great gifts for my old boss, the beau's mother, and grandmother. Now since Christmas is over and some of you have taken down your tree, we have to pack up the ornaments too and let them collect dust until December 2016. Nope, that is not true! Here are three ways you can use the Hallmark Mahogany Ornaments to spruce up your house and spread cheer all year long.

1. Centerpiece

I love unique tables and cool surfaces, but when I'm stuck with something plain, a centerpiece has the power to change it up. The ornament turned these plain black surfaces into a cool main attraction. It adds the perfect pop of color.

Hallmark Ornaments 2.jpg
Hallmark Ornaments 4.jpg

2. Doorknob Accessory

Who said doorknobs have to be boring? This plain silver door knob is pretty basic until you add this ornament. Since the ornament is flat, it lays perfectly against the door and won't get tangled up in anything.

3. Magnet

Usually my refrigerator is full of coupons that I need to use by a certain date and important reminders, but that is boring- so an ornament is the perfect way to add a touch of cheer. I know you open the refrigerator at least once a day, so having a cute ornament on it especially this one - a picture of loved ones is the perfect memento to make you smile.

This family photo ornament is the only one I still have in my possession for this photo shoot, but I purchased a total of three- you can see the others in my video below where I share with you why they are so important to me.

Now It's Your Turn: How cute are these ornaments, out of all three of them, which one is your favorite? What gifts did you purchase for loved ones this year? What are some other Christmas decorations that we can re-purpose to use throughout the year? Comment below to let me know; I would love to see what you have to say.