"You can't stop me because I'm #GirlPossible ! Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. When you wanna page me, it's okay. I just can't wait until I hear my cellphone ring."

All my 90s babies better know that theme song! The famous Kim Possible, come on y'all! I didn't even watch the show regularly but I know the beat and love when I hear it as a ringtone, talk about nostalgia.

If you follow me on social media you know that I have been participating in the #11DaysofAction building up to the International Day of the Girl! For the 8th day of action, we are tasked to fill in the blank for this sentence:

Anything is possible when ________________________ ."

I believe people don’t have faith in themselves to rise above their circumstances because they are afraid, so if they could just realize that those obstacles don't hinder them, then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Barneys New York and The Girls' Lounge have partnered for this initiative to spread awareness around all the possibilities that could manifest if girls around the world received the empowerment, equality, and education they deserve.

We are all familiar with Barneys New York because of their tasteful array of everything you can imagine: clothing, travel accessories, home decor, beauty products, and even cute items for your dog. They have everything you could imagine but I can't afford any of it haha. They do have a discount site, Barneys Warehouse but even shopping there as a full time graduate student is a dream. *Wink, Wink* Barneys I would be so grateful for a shopping spree. In addition, they are killing it in the blogging world with "The Window", where they share fashion tips, profiles of the most influential personalities in the fashion world, events, and philanthropic movements. It's estimable to witness major companies like Barneys use their platform to join social campaigns and spread awareness for causes dear to my heart. They even have a Pinterest board for it!

After finding out Barneys was a partner I was thrilled but then I was introduced to The Girls' Lounge and I fell in love with their mission and saw how this movement is perfectly in line with their purpose. All my ladies, have you ever walked into a room full of men and think, "Where are all the girls?" If you are in advertising, technology, marketing, media, research, or any other male dominated field you know that sentiment too well. Don't you worry, Shelley Zalis created The Girls' Lounge just for you! Her company travels to industry conferences and creates lounges for women to collaborate, support each other, and brainstorm ideas while getting a manicure and a massage simultaneously. Talk about heaven!

The Global Campaign for Education shared some great action plans on how you can bring the #GIRLPossible to your community or campus. Their website is literally a hub full of ways you can take a stand to promote education for all around the world! I just signed up for their action alerts to be notified of every time some new development is happening in education.

Finish the sentence in the comment box below: "Anything is possible when________ " You've read mine already, now I really want to hear what you have to say! Please join Don't Die Afraid, The Global Campaign for Education, Barneys New York, and The Girls' Lounge by sharing on your social media what is #GirlPossible