Never 21 Gives Forever 21 a Black Lives Matter Makeover


I don't like discussing controversial issues on the internet. I'll gladly do it with friends, in class, or at an event- but online is not my cup of frozen yogurt. Miscommunication can easily happen through typing words on a Facebook post, Instagram photo, or YouTube video. That is the main reason I haven't posted on Don't Die Afraid about #BlackLivesMatter vs. #AllLivesMatter. If people really want to know my opinion, they can contact me and we can discuss it offline. However, this morning I saw a video that made my day and I just had to share it with you, my Resilient Family. It was different from the typical Baltimore riot videos angering me as they flow down my timeline. It was an uplifting video from my hometown of The Big Apple showing a peaceful, detail oriented, and well-organized movement.

Never 21 Mannequins

I LOVE children! Regardless of race, religion, and whatever else people find to divide themselves, we should all be able to agree that the lives of children are packed with endless value. I love the 'Never 21' movement because they honor the lives of these children who will never have the chance to give their amazing contributions to the universe. In addition, the organizers are brilliant! They imitate Forever 21's font and color theme while forcing their own agenda of awareness. Forever 21 is a clothing company that attracts pre-teens (who wish they were 21 and grown) all the way up to people in their 30's (who want to feel 21, young, and free spirited again). Of course they would be the perfect company to simulate!

Let's not even get started on how seamlessly they pulled off this demonstration! A banner on the second floor, t-shirts on front window mannequins, a display on the clothing racks, and a camera team capturing the response and editing it within 24 hours. I used to work in the same building as that Forever 21 so I was not shocked by the lack of attentiveness by workers and management. An anonymous Never 21 organizer shared with Gothamist, "It was kind of the opposite of shoplifting...We called it shop gifting, because we were putting shirts into the store rather than taking them out." The team practiced slipping the shirts over mannequins to make sure they would fit and not disrupt the flow of their plan.

Never 21 Window Display

According to Gothamist, Never 21 has expressed that their intentions weren't to attack, but instead act as a catalyst for Forever 21 to support the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Now it's up to Forever 21 to make their next move.

How many times can I call these people geniuses?

The Forever 21 Project: Never 21 from Never21 on Vimeo.

Have you had rough encounters with people on the internet discussing social justice issues? What do you think of the Never 21 movement? Do you think Forever 21 will take advantage of this public demonstration and start supporting Black Lives Matter? What are some other ways the public can try to convince companies to join the movement? Share your thoughts in the comment section!