Fearless Inspiration Corner: Tempest Walker


The Fearless Inspiration Corner, also known as "FIC" is a new series on the blog that will include interviews of individuals who are inspirations to me in hopes that they will inspire you as well! I love meeting new people, getting engrossed in their stories, and then sharing them with my Fearless Family. I have major respect for people who have gone through struggles and found a way to make the best out of their situations. I really admire that and find strength in their messages and hope you do too. Tempest & Ash Source: www.DontDieAfraid.com


















My first Fearless Feature is the talented Tempest Walker, star and creator of 'Be Tina: A Tina Turner Tribute.' Tempest has been a performer for as long as she can remember. Whether it was tennis, basketball, cheer-leading, or swimming, she wanted to do them all. During her sophomore year of college she dabbled in acting because it came so naturally but eventually decided to pursue a life behind the camera working in production. Her role as the star in 'Be Tina' is her debut as the main talent in front of the camera singing and dancing, but you would never know because she nailed it!  Although choosing to be in the entertainment field is competitive, she has found comfort in her dad's continued support of her dreams. Her advice for individuals looking to get into the field is, "Keep Going".


Have you ever had dreams of being in the entertainment field? I love to perform just like Tempest, are you a performer? If so, what do you perform?