Dove's #LoveYourCurls Emojis


Emojis that finally look like me! Yes! Score! Winning!

Months ago, there were no emojis with my skin tone or hair type. Then something revolutionary happened and I was blessed with emojis that came in all shades....but they all had straight hair. Then Dove, yes you read correctly Dove, changed the game! The same Dove that we know and love for soap, deodorant, and body wash has an uplifting campaign "Love Your Curls" that encourages women to love their naturally curly hair. They even have an adorable book you can personalize and download.


Curly girls—what advice do you have for others learning to embrace their curls? Tweet it with #LoveYourCurls!

— Dove (@Dove) November 4, 2015

This campaign means a lot to me and women around the world because it helps us realize we don't have to alter how God naturally made us, we are beautiful the way we are. That is a strong message because so many girls grow up not loving themselves. I was one of those girls until recently. No girl in this world should have to wait until her 20's to realize how beautiful she is.


I love the community that Dove is bringing together through this campaign. I'm participating in a Twitter chat with Dove & Blogalicious. The stories and photos the women are sharing speak to the fact that this movement is so powerful and one that is needed for our next generation of beautiful young curly girls! I'm so grateful to be a member of the Blogalicious community and I hope to work with Dove in the future because self-love is crucial to women everywhere.

Please support this campaign by downloading the FREE app and sharing it with a friend who might need a smile today! I shared it with my friend Erica and she loved it!

When did you start to #LoveYourCurls ? Why do you think it is important for us to encourage young girls to #LoveYourCurls ? What is your most used emoji?