Purpose: What Were You Created For?


Time for Week Four of the Writers Write Journaling, which is about spiritual growth.

August 25th Prompt: God knew you in your mother's womb. You were not just birthed, but created. My name is _________ and I was created to ________________. How is that declaration currently manifesting in your life?

My name is Ashley D. Freeman and I was created to inspire others to realize their circumstances don't hinder their future, they are just stepping stones to success to show how resilient they truly are.

Potential is wasted daily because individuals constantly believe that they are defined by their past and present difficult circumstances. This mindset causes people to be frozen in fear because they are afraid to fail. "Why should I try to excel in school if both of my parents only finished middle school and my older brother gets bad grades?" The fear totally makes sense BUT should be used as a motivational tool instead of a hindering one. Your future is not pre-determined by your obstacles, they are there to jump start your success story. The struggle is there to show you how resilient you are. It took me a while to be comfortable sharing my story but I realized, you never know who your message can bless. I'm all about sharing the blessings.

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How is that declaration currently manifesting in your life?

It is manifesting in my life by being the constant goal that I work towards daily because it is my purpose. That can include mentoring young adults, sharing my story on my social media platforms, researching ways to better craft my message, or writing blog posts because this is my main tool to inspire.

It's ironic that Ashley included this as a part of the journal plan because just a couple of days ago, I did my first Periscope and shared my story. I was super nervous but found comfort in all the comments and feedback I received. Make sure to follow me on Periscope. Also, I created a Periscope Notebook so sign up for my e-mail list to receive a copy!

Knowing what you were created to do isn't something that is always easy to figure out. If you have figured it out, tell me below in the comments what your purpose is. It's no problem if you haven't yet, but in that case you should be taking steps to figure it out. What are those steps?