World AIDS Day Hotline Bling

Today is December 1st, World AIDS Day! The best way to celebrate is in song and dance. So of course, Hotline Bling is the best choice for this. But I'm not talking about the regular Hotline Bling- I'm talking about the safe sex remix! World AIDS Day Hotline Bling REMIX! Oh yeah! This jam is guaranteed to get your inner Drake to shine.

#BlackMHM : Black Mental Health Makeover

When you have a sprained ankle -- you rest it, ice it, use compression, and elevate it. When you have back pain- you apply ice and heat, exercise, and adjust the way you sleep.

When you have allergies- you pop a Zyrtec, Clarinex, Allegra, Alavert, Claritin or some natural remedy you found on Google.

When you have a mental health issue- you act like it doesn't exist because you are too ashamed.

Does that bother you? It bothers me.

I have been contemplating ways to introduce posts about mental health on my blog but I never had a full plan ready to execute. Once I found out about the foolishness Meek Mill said about Wale, I knew I couldn't wait any longer. Celebrity gossip and the happenings of their lives are never topics that I stay abreast on, but Black Twitter filled me in about the Meek Mill vs. Wale fiasco.

Let me fill you in: During a conversation on The Breakfast Club, Wale mentioned mental health issues. Wale has shared in previous interviews about his battle with depression, substance abuse, and not being content with his level of success. So it was very clear that he wasn't joking, these sentiments are also expressed on, The Album About Nothing.

Then he was asked to make some statements about the Meek Mill vs. Drake, which Meek Mill got offended by. Instead of handling his anger like a grown man, Meek decided to post a photo on Instagram and included the following sentence in his caption: "We don't wanna hear you nomore Fam! Go jump off a roof like you been tryna do chump!"


After reading Meek Mill's Instagram post and the reactions on Twitter, I knew this was my opportunity to insert my 22 cents about mental health. Many folks on Twitter were angry about Meek's comments but their responses circled around, "If Wale commits suicide then Meek should feel horrible." This type of approach actually makes light of the situation and makes it seem as though, suicide and mental health issues are appropriate joke topics as long as the person you are talking about doesn't take the joke seriously. That is the farthest thing from the truth. It takes a lot of fearlessness to share about battling with mental health, so to take advantage of someone in that powerful moment is disturbing.

In communities of color, we frequently succumb to the stigma surrounding mental health. I want to start a movement that combats that. My movement is #BlackMHM for Black Mental Health Makeover. I need your help to spread the word!


  1. Join my e-mail list, I'll be sending out research about mental health and ways you can get involved in breaking the stigma.
  2. Post a black and white photo with a caption that raises awareness about mental health. Don't know what to write? Share why mental health matters to you, why other people should care, or suggest a way to break the stigma. Add the hashtag ‪#‎BlackMHM‬ and tag me @DontDieAfraid
  3. On YouTube please subscribe, comment, like, and share my videos so this movement can grow. I have a ton of links in the description box of the video that are resources and some of my favorite bloggers who bring awareness to mental health.

Update on the #BlackMHM Movement:

1. I Was The Only Black Person In The Room Discussing Mental Health

2. #BlackMHM the Live Event

Now It's Your Turn: Why do you think people are afraid to get help for mental health? What suggestions do you have to break the stigma? Comment below to let me know; I would love to hear what you have to say.

Fearless Inspiration Corner: Tempest Walker

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Don't Die Afraid on YouTube

Today marks the one year birthday of Don't Die Afraid and 24th year of my life! I am so thankful to all those who have helped me along this journey. Especially YOU! Yes YOU! You- the reader, the supporter, the person who leaves comments! You are the reason I keep going. So with that being said, I would love to introduce y'all to the next level of Don't Die Afraid which is my new YouTube channel, yay!!!!!! I would love your support for this channel, just as you have supported this blog. Both of these are a part of my vision for Don't Die Afraid and it only goes higher from here.

This is something I have been contemplating for a long time and decided to just go and do it! Why? Because I am living fearless! For y'all who haven't ever seen me in person- this video is a clear view of me---I am a walking Tangent so I apologize in advance for any distractions haha.

I LOVE birthdays so tell me all about yours!  When is your birthday? Why or why don't you like to celebrate birthdays? What is the most enjoyable thing you've done for your birthday?