#BeSureSundays- My Ideas

Months ago I had the pleasure of volunteering for The Naturalista Hair Show under the leadership of Angela M. Walker. I love volunteering at events because I enjoy helping the vision of others come to fruition. In contrast to attendees who only see the masterpiece, volunteers get to see all the working parts behind it. I observed the way Angela gave directions, addressed unexpected hiccups, and executed the event. Let me tell you, it looked effortless! Angela was calm the whole time; I had to find out what her secret was so I scheduled a lunch date with her.

 "Seek genuine conversations with people who intrigue you."

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About two weeks later we met at Busboys & Poets (a DMV favorite). I found out that her "secrets to success" weren't really secrets because she was transparent about everything. I can't give away everything she shared with me but I will tell you two important lessons: self-care and progression.

Angela indulges in self-care by taking a mid-day nap. Is your mind blown? Mine was. Many entrepreneurs boast about not sleeping and staying up all night grinding, which is needed on those days when a deadline is pressing but not every day. I rarely hear them discuss how important it is to treat your body well, so learning about Angela's daily naps was refreshing. How does she finish all her work, raise her son, and still have time for a nap? Time-management.

If you aren't familiar with Angela M. Walker it is most likely because she wants it that way. She enjoys being the mastermind behind the curtains of  The Naturalista Hair Show, N Natural Hair Studio, The Natural Hair Nstitute, The Natural Hair Industry Convention, Rise Women Empowerment Tour, and her new personal blog: Angela M. Walker.  Clearly this mompreneur extraordinaire has no problem excelling in the saturated and competitive natural hair industry. "My ideas yesterday have nothing on my ideas of today or tomorrow." Angela keeps her creations fresh and welcomes the competition, that is why she is our inspiration for #BeSureSundays.

Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: What are some key tips that you have learned from someone who inspires you?

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