#BeSureSundays-Learn, Dream, & Live


During a quick run to Staples this weekend, I saw an extremely cute but overpriced planner. As I started flipping through, each month had an inspirational quote to kick it off. I took pictures of my favorite ones (too much time on my hands, yes I know). This message below really struck me because it came at the perfect timing for #BeSureSundays. Three Mantras

















Lately I've been good at doing all three of these but in the past, the hardest for me was living in the moment. My mind was always rushing about what will come next instead of enjoying the current step in my journey. Life is actually way more fun when you live in the moment. I encourage you to take a moment to clear your mind, free it of whatever is holding you captive. Then take some deep breaths and challenge yourself to be fully committed to that one moment. It can range from being something relaxing to something entertaining. Today I lived in the moment when I visited the Chesapeake Bay and watched the boats graze by.

As y'all know from "Let It All Hang Out", I had a rough couple of months but I learned from those experiences, dream about the future consistency and strong content of DDA, and live in the moment so I can appreciate all of the blessings on my plate.

I dare you to live in the moment! What did you do? How did it feel? Tell me in the comment section below!