#BeSureSundays- Nothing is Impossible


It is still Women's History Month so we are going to honor a quote from Audrey Hepburn that I love! Impossible

I thought this quote was genius for #BeSureSundays because sometimes we all get tied up in the ridiculous belief that something is impossible. It happens to us women A LOT but it happens to men too, they just aren't as vocal about it. Fear is a huge reason why we believe things are impossible. Once we believe something is possible, we make ourselves vulnerable because we have placed faith in that occurrence. But if we have the smallest inkling of doubt that we can't achieve our goal, we back out and say, "It's impossible." Maybe what we need to do is have a written out plan on how to achieve that goal or if it is something not under our control, we should have patience and give it time to work out. The next time you think something is impossible remember the possibility lives in you and sweetheart you are capable of more than you think.

Do you ever surprise yourself? Name one thing you thought was impossible but you actually achieved it. Think hard, I know you have something. Mine was going to college for free- I never thought that would be possible.