#BeSureSundays- Happiness Is An Inside Job

I am that person who makes up their own phrases just to avoid using cliche sayings. "Happiness is an inside job," is something I normally wouldn't say but as cliche as it sounds, happiness truly comes from within.  In all the changes happening in my life lately, I've had to find the golden lining (not silver because that is too cliche and gold is one of my favorite colors). As a result, I choose happiness even in the most difficult moments. It's not easy at all but I try my best. Happiness is an inside job. ((Source: www.DontDieAfraid.com ))

What is my secret to finding this happiness from within?

~ Breathing exercises: When fear starts bubbling up inside of me, my heart begins to run a 5k and it's hard to breathe. The only way to calm myself down is to say, "Ashley, it's alright, God has your back, just calm down and breathe slowly." (And yes I literally talk to myself out loud, I'm an only child and that is what we do) ~ Gratitude: If you've been following along with my blog lately, you know my Nana is in a nursing home and I HATE it (yes I know hate is a strong word and I rarely use it but this deserves it). However, I find happiness through gratitude by being thankful for the memories God continues to give us. My Nana still talks so I call her whenever I need to hear her voice to get through the day. When I visit I can watch her smile and make her laugh. It's the treasures of gratitude that help me through the circumstance. ~ Peace: Those peaceful moments allow me to hear God's instructions. Every time I feel like becoming frozen in fear, I listen to God's command to keep pressing forward.

I'm sending you strength right now to choose happiness. I hope you all have an amazing week. Check in on Sundays for the latest installment of #BeSureSundays.

Do you agree that happiness is an inside job? How do you make the best out of your situation?