#BeSureSundays-Do What You Can

Recently I saw this quote on The Finance Bar's Instagram and thought to myself, "This is what I've been doing my whole life. Are other people not doing this?" When I was born my Nana was 72 years old and it was basically just her and I roughing it out in these streets (I just wanted to say that to sound like I have street cred but I don't haha). Seriously though, I always felt like we had everything we needed. Sometimes my Nana would apologize for things not going as smoothly as she would have liked. The craziest part was, I never knew when things weren't going as planned. She made everything look effortless because she lived by the mindset, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." The first step to living by this motto is...."you guessed it, you was right" GRATITUDE. If you've been a member of the DDA family for a while you know that I am HUGE on gratitude. You can't have more of something without being grateful for what you already have. People who have the audacity to get mad because they aren't progressing in life but have never even uttered a "Thank you" for the blessings they already have disgust me. Yes I know that was pretty harsh but I'm serious y'all. I know it's hard to see the golden lining but gratitude is literally the top thing that gets me through my hardest days.

Do what you can Source: www.DontDieAfraid.com

I know everyone says, "It could be worse," and y'all know I don't like cliche sayings but I agree with this because it isn't cliche, it's the truth. In one of my last posts I told y'all about my struggles with my Nana being in the nursing home but how I recognize the golden treasures even in those situations.

What are your other options? Complain about what you don't have instead of being grateful and using what you already have in order to build up? Don't use the excuse that you don't have enough resources to make it, five loaves of bread and two fish fed thousands of people.

How will you incorporate gratitude into your life daily? How will you make the most of what you have?