#BeSureSundays- You Are a Big Deal

"I am a big deal! #DontDieAfraid"

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Since high school, I've always wanted to share the stories of others in hopes that they will be an inspiration to my readers. That goal encouraged me to pursue journalism in college.

My friends insisted that I should not only focus on stories from other people but also share my story because there was power in it. For years I neglected to own my story until creating Don't Die Afraid. Even after creating this space, I still disregarded the power of my story. Lately, I’ve been prancing in my truth. I am literally unstoppable. Whether it is, standing boldly in front of large audiences, sharing ounces of it through Twitter chats, or curating events with intimate small groups- I am taking advantage of every moment possible.

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Recently, this article, “You are a big deal” by Alexandra Franzen smacked some sense into me during one of my lowest points. She helped me realize that no matter what my reach is, I am a big deal. Alexandra compared blog audiences to real life scenarios- if your blog is only read by six people, that’s an intimate dinner party- 100 people = a sold out music venue.

This week I received multiple e-mails, Snapchat messages, and Instagram comments from my Resilient Family sharing how my words and actions inspire them. Little do they know, they are inspiring me. Creators that I admire have reached out to partner with me and I was featured on Yetti's list of her favorite self-care bloggers. I didn't have a clue that any of the people who were reaching out to me read or paid attention to my work.

 "Even when you think nobody is impacted by your work, remain resilient."

So my message for today’s #BeSureSundays is “You are a big deal.” Don’t stop working because you can’t see the impact- that dinner party, coffee shop, music venue, or airline jet is depending on you.

Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: What is the latest compliment you have received? How is that going to help propel you forward this week?

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