#BeSureSundays- Be Authentic


I miss you, my Resilient Family soooo much but now I am back in action! After finals were over, I went on an amazing journey called LeaderShape and I will need tons of time to unpack that. Prepare for a long  an in depth blog post on that experience but for #BeSureSundays I want to highlight a quick takeaway from my experience, "Be Authentic." Apricots

The individuals pictured above (left to right Josh, Me, Tom, Mary, Heidi, Alise, Maggie, Cydney, Angie, Anthony, and Lindsey), who became my family during this six day experience helped me realize how important it is to be authentic. On Day 1, we articulated our life stories to each other- including past battles, accomplishments, and core values. Our honesty and vulnerability was intoxicating. Our initial interaction with each other was so raw, that it set the tone for the rest of the week- Authenticity. This included sharing tears, fears, insecurities, core values, past actions that we were not proud of, as well as visions that others may view as impossible.

As you encounter a new week, remain genuine. If you find any obstacles along your path, I challenge you to approach it with your core values in mind. By doing this you won't have to second guess your decisions because you took the next step that was correct for your journey. Know that adversity is just another opportunity to learn. Be true to yourself and shine light on those nooks and crannies of authenticity so others can see.


Thank you to my Authentic Apricots for accepting me. Check out #BeSureSundays from the past couple of months.  Do you find it easier to be yourself around people you just met or friends? Tell me about a recent time that you have stuck to your core values and exhibited your authentic self.