'Be Tina: A Tina Turner Tribute' in Harlem

"I left a good job in the city Working for the man every night and day And I never lost one minute of sleeping Worrying 'bout the way things might have been"

This line resonates with me because I recently ended a job in the city suburbs, Fairfax, VA to be exact and I was working for women every night and day. My official hours were during the day but there were also programs at night that I had to help facilitate. I loved my job so much that I would bring it home and be excited to work on projects after hours and on the weekends. Unlike this artist, I lost lots of minutes of sleep worrying about how I'm going to get my next coin. So reading this is really empowering and reassuring that, it all works out when you have unwavering faith.

"You must understand That the touch of your hand Makes my pulse react That it's only the thrill Of boy meeting girl Opposites attract"

On a lighter side than being unemployed, this lyric talks about the hummingbirds in your stomach that someone can give you (butterflies are too cliché). Have you ever watched a hummingbird? They are filled with energy, flapping their wings 60-200 times per second. Similar to the humming of that bird, the thrill in relationships takes dedication to maintain but should never feel like, "This is too tiring, I give up." Just the touch of a hand can make a pulse react, girllllll that's one amazing hummingbird.

Now name the artist and two song titles without scrolling any further (you little cheater, I see you scrolling). DRUMROLL Please.



How many of y'all guessed it correctly? If you did, tell me in the comment section. Don't lie to me. Remember that top secret project I told you all Anny and I were working on? Well this is it! 'Be Tina: A Tina Turner Tribute' will be taking over Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Plaza in Harlem's historic Apollo District on Saturday August 15 from 3-6pm with Tempest Walker starring as Tina Turner. Rankin Street Productions in association with Black Noise Media will be presenting this show with a five-piece band and some gifted dancers. " ‘Be Tina’ will be hosted by Andrea Lewis (Degrassi, Cadet Kelly, and Black Actress web series) and will include a special opening performance by gospel recording artist, Chyna."

Guess what? I'll be there too in my Tina Turner dress singing, "Rolling, Rolling, Rolling on the river!"

Tempest Walker stars as Tina Turner

I received an invitation to be a member of their press coverage for the show (DDA is doing big things y'all) and I am so excited! I love the concept of it because Tina Turner is amazing! Society rarely gives credit to legends when they are alive but this production is celebrating Tina's life while she is still with us.

The 'Be Tina' team expressed, "Just as Tina Turner recognized her talent and skill, we have the ability to do the same. The ‘Be Tina’ objective is to inspire its audience members to live their lives shamelessly and embrace their unique talents just as Tina Turner did."

The show is going to be slamming y'all and the best part is that it's FREE, y'all know I love free! It's also open to the public so bring your cousins, friends, auntie, the family down the block, older wiser folk that you know love Tina, and young children that need to be introduced to her talent. Bring them all!

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