The American Heart Association’s #EmPoweredToServe Summit

I’m sure you are familiar with the famous saying, “Know better, do better,” but how often do you know better and still decide not to do better? I’m sure it is more times than you want to admit. This is a judgment free zone; so don’t worry you can tell me the truth. While chatting with Brooks of the American Heart Association, I realized how misleading that quote is. Just because you know that eating healthy and being physically active will help you have a healthy heart and live longer doesn’t mean that you will adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

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However, there are some people who genuinely want to do better but their environment is a barrier preventing them for achieving good health. Did you know that your zip code may increase your risk of stroke, high blood pressure and other types of heart disease? Yes it is true, studies show people living just five miles apart can have a difference in life expectancy of more than 20 years. It’s a disheartening fact and an unfortunate truth that inspired the American Heart Association’s EmPOWERED To Serve movement. The initiative aims to promote healthy living and well-being in urban communities by bringing change and addressing key factors that impact health including: economic stability, education, societal influences, housing and access to quality healthcare.

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In hopes of examining the root causes that impact social determinants of health, the organization is hosting the EmPOWERED To Serve Summit, October 17 – 18, at Galludet University in Washington, D. C. Experts and thought-leaders  from around the country will facilitate conversations and sessions on: Equity First Policy Platforms, Corporate Social Responsibility, Conscious Capitalism, Building a Culture of Health on College/University Campuses, and many more.

One of the most exciting parts of the summit is the Urban Business Storytelling Competition where 10 finalists will present their innovative, clearly-defined urban business solutions to address barriers to sustainable healthy living. It's awesome to have sessions about these topics to help spread awareness so people can become interested in advocating for these issues but implementing solutions provides us with actionable items that we can use to make an impact. Talking is worthless without action.


These 10 finalists were selected from 128 submissions! Three winners will be chosen to implement their plans in their selected community and will receive financial awards ranging from $10,000 - $30,000 to implement their plans. Check out their proposals here and tune in to EmPOWERED to Serve's Facebook live stream event on October 17th at 7pm to watch the competition and vote!

Now It's Your Turn: What are some environmental and external factors that impact the health of people in your community? Do you have any suggestions on how to change it? Comment below to let me know; I would love to hear what you have to say.

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#BeBoldForChange on International Women’s Day 2017

It's an honor to be born during Women's Herstory Month. The high energy shared this month to advance gender parity is electrifying. Today, March 8 the world unites to celebrate International Women's Day (IWD). Although some of us are unfamiliar with this day of honor, it has been observed since the early 1900's. It is a global day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

This year's theme, #BeBoldForChange urges people to commit to taking action that will truly drive the greatest change for women. The World Economic Forum predicts the gender gap won't close entirely until 2186.Who has time to wait that long? Not me! My future grandchildren might not even be around to enjoy the sweetness of a closed gender gap. Therefore change needs to happen now! "Change" and "Make a difference" sounds catchy but what does that even entail? It all depends on what type of fight are you passionate about. IWD highlights several areas: challenge bias/inequality, campaign against violence, forge women's advancement, celebrate women's achievement, and champion women's education. Education is my fight. Whether it is through being an ambassador for the Malala Fund or leading workshops for women to show them how to embrace their mental health so they can succeed in college.

For International Women's Day I honor my Nana for teaching me the importance of education. My house wasn't a happy place because it reminded me of my struggles, so school has always been a safe haven for me. It was a distraction from my worries. I know I have to do my part because there are more than 62 million girls around the world who are not in school.

Find a fight that resonates with you and dedicate yourself to it. Ways you can get involved: Social Media: use the #BeBoldForChange selfie cards for social media amplification. Volunteer: After you identify the cause you love. Contact organizations who are already doing the work to see how you can help. Share the Knowledge: Tweet a link to this blog post. Tell a friend about International Women's Day. Now that you know, it's time to share the information with others. Visuals are Queen: Indulge in these awesome videos from organizations who make women's rights a priority.

Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: Which cause speaks to you the most? Let me know in the comment section below!

Discount For You to See me Speak at Blogalicious!

Discount For You to See me Speak at Blogalicious!

My success and impact reached greater heights when I stopped allowing the comparison devil to make my thoughts his. The old me spent countless hours obsessing over the blessings being received by others instead of focusing on my own unique journey. We are all familiar with the cliché saying, "Compare yourself only to who you were yesterday." 

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7 Intentions for October

7 Intentions for October

Y'all know I hate being cliché right? I know you've seen at least 10 posts today about October signifying the last quarter of the year. Everybody is trying to get their lives right so they can be ready when 2017 hits them. Do you want to know a little secret? A couple of months ago I loathed people who did that. The progression of one date on the calendar, made you all of a sudden want to get your life right? It seemed like an overrated epiphany to me....until I had one of course. Now, October 1st is meaningful to me, with only 91 days left in the year- I am proud of my accomplishments but I know there are more goals that need to be annihilated.

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Let's Get Uncomfortable: Mental Health Makeover Event

When you visualize your goals, it makes them easier to obtain. A year ago when I launched my movement, #BlackMHM Black Mental Health Makeover, I envisioned eventually moving the dialogue from online to in person. Blog posts and YouTube videos were a great way to get people talking, but I wanted to connect in person. I thrive on human interaction. Now here I type, almost a year later- I am 31 days away from the mental health event I envisioned. Let me tell you, it feels good as hell!

I'm excited to announce that I've partnered with the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Montgomery County to host Let's Get Uncomfortable: Mental Health Makeover on October 22, from 1-5pm.

In communities of color, we frequently ignore our mental health because discussing it is seen as a weakness. It's taboo. We act as if mental illness doesn't plague our community.

September 16, 2016, Terence Crutcher, an innocent black man was shot to death by the police. If we think these senseless murders don't affect our mental health, we are lying to ourselves!

"#BlackMentalHealthMatters so talk about it! Get your ticket now for Let's Get Uncomfortable"

LGU Flier 2

It's time to get uncomfortable as we discover how we can give our mental health a makeover. The afternoon will consist of honest dialogue around mental wellness, meditation, and art therapy. Each guest will take home a self-care package to help them on their mental health journey to living a more abundant life.

I am proud to share that I have six dynamic sponsors, a dope panel, a charismatic moderator, and a tribe of people who believe in my vision of reducing mental health stigma. It doesn't get much sweeter than this!

The only thing missing is an amazing audience- which is you! Are you ready to start embracing mental health instead of denying its importance?  If so, I would love for you to attend the event! Buy your tickets now.

Please share this post to tell your friends about the event, you never know who is struggling with a mental illness because it is something we usually keep very private.

Don't worry, if you can't attend the event, you can still have an impact by sponsoring a self-care package for an attendee.

Saturday October 22, 2016 1-5pm Silver Spring Civic Center

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Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: Does discussing mental health make you uncomfortable? Let me know in the comment section below.

5 Quotes for Growth from #NABJNAHJ16 Convention #InspiredMobility

When I'm confused and can't see what is next on my path, I always ask God to send me clarity and confirmation. It can be as simple as seeing an inspirational quote on Instagram that speaks to my situation or finding $40 on a busy NYC street (yes, this has really happened to me). Regardless of the form in which God decides to send His message, I always listen and express my gratitude for the plan He has for my life. A couple of months ago, I was discouraged about the future of Don't Die Afraid but after becoming an ambassador for AT&T's #InspiredMobility I realized the importance of my message. My message truly is a catalyst for change and I need to own it!

"My message truly is a catalyst for change and I need to own it! #DontDieAfraid"

Inspired Mobility_3.jpg
Inspired Mobility_1.jpg
Inspired Mobility_2.jpg

During the NABJ & NAHJ Convention (#NABJNAHJ16) God sent me clarity and confirmation through the workshops, especially during the #InspiredMobility chat with Alfred Edmond Jr. and Rev. Run. Every time I interacted with someone, it felt like God was speaking right through them. It was actually pretty bizarre how accurate the messaging and timing was. Below are 5 quotes that spoke to my soul during #NABJNAHJ16 that can be helpful if you are experiencing a stage of uncertainty or growth.

1. "When you are copying someone else you are giving God the wrong answer- he asked you a different question! Be authentic." -Rev. Run

Moment of Clarity: Frequently we get caught up in looking at the blessings others are receiving, so we want to do exactly what they are doing in order to gain success. Then we have the nerve to get frustrated when we don't see results. We fail to realize that each of us are walking on tailor-made path. We would see success if we listen to the plans God has for us instead of trying to covet the blessings of those around us.

I constantly struggle with this so hearing this word from Rev. Run snapped me into grind mode. I have to keep working hard for what God has in store for me.

2. "Don't ask God for it if you don't think he's going to give you the answer." -Rev. Run

Inspired Mobility_5.jpg

"Don't ask God for it if you don't think he's going to give you the answer @RevRunWisdom"

Moment of Confirmation: Asking God to show up in your life but not trusting that He will show out, is a slap in His face. Commit to do your best work, write down your intentions of what you want God to do in your life, and then leave the rest to Him.

I've been dealing with some turmoil the past month and I went to the Lord in tears, and He asked me, "Do you not believe that I am, who I say I am?" So I had to bounce back to reality and respond, "Lord, You are who You say You are." That sentence brought a sense of calmness over me because I had no choice but to trust Him.

Clearly, Rev. Run was dropping gems, click to read more of his inspirational quotes.

3. "AT&T found 8-in-10 (80%) people say mobile technology facilitates inspiration." -AT&T #InspiredMobility Report

Moment of Confirmation: If you use your social media platform to inspire others- KEEP INSPIRING! Even if you don't feel like you get enough likes, comments, followers, retweets, or shares, know that you are still contributing to the positive power of technology. It's astonishing that AT&T's report discovered 80% of people are receiving inspiration from their mobile devices! Technology and social media are often classified as making us more dependent, weakening our interpersonal skills, and creating jealousy because it only reveals highlight reels; but this study reveals that there is inspirational content that is helping readers.

This report confirmed that I have to keep building my Resilient Family and the Don't Die Afraid empire because people need a haven they can depend on that inspires them to realize their circumstances don't hinder their future.

Inspired Mobility_6.jpg

4. "It could have been me." -Jarrett Hill

Moment of Clarity: In the midst of our trials, we frequently forget about the sunshine we’ve experienced because all we can see in front of us is stormy clouds. Jarrett Hill received the spotlight for revealing that Melania Trump stole a whole paragraph from First Lady Michelle Obama's 2008 speech. Before the accolades, Jarrett was dealing with unemployment and the uncertainty of knowing the trajectory of his future. When seeing the struggles of others around him, Jarrett reminded himself, "It could have been me."

That one simple realization helped him see his blessings in spite of the hard times. Currently, I'm a full time content creator, not by choice- but instead by necessity, as I look for a job. I'm in the same position Jarrett was months ago. Do I feel discouraged every once in a while? Yeah, but testimonies like his help me remain resilient.

Inspired Mobility_7.jpg

5. "20% of health is in the doctors office, 80% is everywhere else. A culture of health is more than your interactions in the health care system. #CloseHealthGaps" -Dr. Dwayne Proctor

Moment of Confirmation:We get caught up in the misconception that health is something static, solely existing in our doctor's hands. When the truth is: racism, residential segregation, education policy,income distribution, urban planning, and tons of other social determinants have the greatest impact on our health. This is why it is imperative to advocate for quality in all these aspects of our lives.

I expected #NABJNAHJ16 to provide knowledge only about journalism and new media. When I saw the abundance of sessions on health, I was ecstatic and reassured I will soon find a way to combine my Broadcast Journalism B.A. and my Master of Public Health.

Inspired Mobility_9.jpg

I'm grateful for this opportunity and the relationships I formed with the other AT&T influencers *pictured above* who poured into my life. This experience at #NABJNAHJ16 with AT&T's Inspired Mobility refueled me to continue to do do what I love, by inspiring my Resilient Family.

Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: How do you use technology to find inspiration? You can join in the conversation by sharing an inspirational thought, photo, meme or video and using the hashtag #InspiredMobility.

Disclosure: Thank you to AT&T for sponsoring this post. You my Resilient Family know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that value my unique voice!

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Owning My Identity As an Inspirational Blogger with #InspiredMobility

Sometimes when we can't find space for our unique talents, we feel pressured to place ourselves into boxes that don't represent who we truly are. When participating in blogging surveys, I always felt uncomfortable because I didn't fit into the pre-defined blogger categories of "Beauty, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Technology, or DIY." I was forced to place a check next to "Other," without any opportunity to write that I am an inspirational blogger.

Owning My Identity_1.jpg

This feeling of not belonging wasn't exclusive to only surveys, it was also present during meet-ups and conferences when the breakout sessions for blog niches never included inspiration. The few times I was brave enough to share my niche, people would say, “What is an inspirational blogger? So what do you even write about?” Instead of utilizing it as a moment for expanding the knowledge of others, I began questioning the need for my voice in the blogging arena. I simply didn't think there was a community for people like myself.

When these small voices of self-doubt arise, I remind myself of my mission, "Empower individuals to realize their circumstances don't hinder their future. They are just stepping stones to success to show them how resilient they truly are."

"When your mission is clear, nothing can stand in your way- not even self-doubt. #DontDieAfraid"

Owning My Identity_3.png

During AT&T's #InspiredMobility Session at Blogging While Brown in Washington D.C. July 15-17, I finally found others who wanted to uplift and inspire people daily. L. Michelle Smith, Director, Public Relations, U.S. Diversity, Citizenship & Sustainability and Jason Caston, Faith & Mobility Expert led the group in a discussion about how people are using mobile technology to connect with their faith or inspiration.

AT&T's Inspired Mobility initiative realizes, "Inspiration is no longer just analog. People are picking up their mobile devices to connect with it, and it has never been more popular. Inspired Mobility is another way to see how people make our products and services a part of their lives so that everything works better."

Owning My Identity_2.jpg

I was thrilled to be introduced to Inspired Mobility because I enjoy using my mobile platform to share positive vibes with my Resilient Family and also receive inspiration from others. Thanks to AT&T, I will be attending my first National Association of Black Journalist (NABJ) & National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) Convention, (#NABJNAHJ16) from August 3-7.

On August 5, I will get the chance to meet Rev. Run after his exclusive chat with Alfred Edmond Jr. about how he uses his "Words of Wisdom" to reach millions daily. I'll share live updates from the conference on social media with the hashtags #NABJNAHJ16 and #InspiredMobility.

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Now Tell Me What's On Your Mind: How do you use technology to find inspiration? You can join in the conversation by sharing an inspirational thought, photo, meme or video and using the hashtag #InspiredMobility

Disclosure: Thank you AT&T for sponsoring this post. You my Resilient Family know that all thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that value my unique voice!

Owning My Identity_4.png

#BeSureSundays- International Day of Happiness

#BeSureSundays- International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness, March 20 highlights happiness as a universal right and goal. In honor of the day, I am sharing some tools to keep you happy all week long. A day encouraging people to deliberately place all their energy towards being happy! After thorough research I discovered that this declaration more than personal happiness, it was created by the United Nations to address the "complex, interrelated challenges faced by humankind in the ultimate quest to achieve happiness."

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